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  1. This is ridiculous. If I have my two devices set up at home, but if am traveling, at a hotel, etc., I cannot log onto the web? I know EN is in financial trouble, but part of their problem is their pricing strategy. The leap between free and premium is way too high...I think they need a mid-tier at about $35/year because $120/year is too high. Many products have that price as their premium level. I know EN is reluctant to lower its price and I think it can maintain its top price level but it needs to add a tier at about one-third of the premium price....better to get those fee users paying that something than sending them away. A core issue here is their new version is struggling to achieve parity to its old version and it is certainly not attracting new users with it, so they are trying to ratchet up the pressure on its existing user base, which only sends negative massages and will deter new subscriptions. Evernote, please consider this: EN free - no collaboration, perhaps a bit more limited than current basic, only phone + web access EN personal ~ $35/y - single user, a lot of tools, similar to current "basic", 3 devices (e.g. pc, phone, web) EN premium - $120/y - like now EN Business -$180/y - like now They are competing with things like MSOffice which gives 1Tb storage, office apps, and Onenote at about the price of EN premium... or Nimbus Notes with a pricing strategy similar to what I show above...or Notion...similar tiers..... Probably they are worried that premium users will drop down a level, but I think they are loyal and with the right bundles for each tier, that is unlikely. I think it would drive revenue and loyalty upward.
  2. Evernote needs to think about the "messaging" that comes with frustrations. Before the helper, I had the tray icon always visible and a quick click opened it up-- and snappy fast! Now I get this scratchpad instead, forcing a mouseover and secondary click to get to my notes. EN needs to realize users are popping the app open frequently, so making this so awkward just puts up a barrier. And the fact you cannot disable the helper app just makes me resent the app every time I (try) to open it! I am a 11+ year user and want EN to succeed, but problems like this are pushing me away. In trying to add a (low value) "feature" they have damaged the user experience, and this has major marketing impact. EN also needs to realize that "options are valuable" and while they seem to want to avoid options for the sake of simplicity, it becomes a one-size-fits-all force-fit situation that means design choices can be damaging. Need to have the ability to turn the helper off, for example.
  3. I totally agree that opening Evernote should be the primary action when clicking the icon. The icon in the notification area (tray) made EN snap open quickly and was very much appreciated, but now it is three steps: click, mouse over, click again, every time. I tried pinning EN to the taskbar but there there is a long delay in opening unless it is already open and carefully minimized, which is impractical since EN needs to be immediately accessible and it is already running anyway. Before the helper/scratchpad was added, you could bring up EN from the tray quickly in one click, if you made the icon always visible. A snappy response used to be an asset to the branding of EN and the perception of it being well designed and efficient, so there are very good reasons to remove barriers to opening EN. Having 'features" forced upon users sends an opposite message, plus it seems like a distraction for EN developers, a very bad signal. Trying to integrate a screen capture is also a distraction as there are lots of options top allow this without EN trying to get in the mix. It also seems strange that the keyboard shortcut (CTRL-N) to a new note only works when EN is open and the focus. Otherwise it reverts to the Windows meaning. But we know they can do shortcuts that are accessible throughout Windows because the helper shortcut (CTRL-ALT-H) works from just about anywhere. This is odd because quickly opening a new note quickly *IS* the feature!! Please: make clicking on icon in tray open EN (quickly) --> you had this in v10 before the helper, and have opening a new note as a right click option (and assign it to a more universal keyboard shortcut). --> you have proven this is possible with helper shortcut, and focus development energy on opening new notes faster. --> That is the core expectation, biggest bang for the buck, and strongest signal to users about being focused on continuous development. Currently it is acceptably fast, though it a bit faster would be ideal. Many users are on the fence, hoping EN finally can build upon v10 to improved functionality, but the clock is ticking and this does not increase confidence.
  4. [Android] This comments started by saying the "double tap to edit" feature makes it too easy to accidentally open 'edit mode' and requesting to turn that off, because there is a floating button already available anyway. And that is true.....However, I tried measuring the time interval between taps for the double tap and discovered you don't need to double tap.....just a single tap anywhere, wait 3 seconds, and you are in edit mode! SINGLE TAP!! That makes it WAY TOO EASY to go into edit mode, and has led to inadvertently editing (butt-pressing) the contents of notes and has led to total loss of note contents. (Somehow by butt-pressing "select all" and then one keystroke overwrites the contents.) So, please make entering edit mode require a press on the floating pencil icon only. That would be much simpler and more secure. (This behaviour is worsened by the 'always on' behaviour of Evernote Android which makes the time of exposure to such a risk much, much longer.)
  5. "Keep on" can be a beneficial feature some of the time (e.g. referring to a recipe), but other times it is a menace, and definitely should be an option, where the default is to power off normally, and a button could be added as a "hold open mode" in specific cases, upon request, and a user setting should be added to set up default behaviour. This is an even bigger problem with Android because it combines with the "double tap to edit" feature which makes it too easy to accidentally open edit mode. (Wish we could turn THAT off, too, because there is a floating button already available anyway.) Due to both of these "features" I often run into the problem of leaving the phone on in my pocket (it does not auto off) and then butt-selecting (think butt-dialing) the text and replacing it with nonsense....UPDATE: while writing this I tested to see the double-tap to measure the time interval between taps and discovered it does not need a double-tap....just a single tap, wait 3 seconds, and you are in edit mode! WAY too easy to pop into edit note when reading or scrolling a note to read it! (I should start another thread on this...)
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