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  1. Greetings Evernoters, Evernotians, and Evernotans. Reporting on 5.7.2 (451040 direct) Mac version. I rebooted my 2010 Mac mini running Yosemite, leaving the 'reopen open windows' option on. As various other apps are loading, Evernote's main window appears as expected. I clicked in the search box at top right, it filled in with the last selected notebook name, and I started typing, all in less time than it takes to read this sentence. The characters I entered appeared in reverse order. Subsequent searches' characters appear in the correct order. Screenshot attached. Best regards, Randy p.s. Consider removing the team member's names from the about box. Recruiters love to use this information to create unnecessary churn in staff.
  2. Running Mavericks 10.9 Press CMD-O to open a file. Navigate to a location with images. Select an image. Tap the space bar to quick look the image from the Open dialog. Tap the space bar again to close the quick look preview. Result: The Open dialog has moved behind the Skitch window, and does not respond to keystrokes as it no longer has the focus. The end user might believe the dialog 'disappeared'. Expected: Open dialog remains in focus and in front of the Skitch window when quick look is used. Cheers, Randy Hollingsworth Senior QA Engineer BoardVantage, Inc.
  3. Thanks Lester. New bug: auto-update not working or possibly not implemented yet. :-)
  4. Skitch does not remember what tools and color are selected on the toolbar from document to document. The user is forced to re-select their desired tools and drawing color for each image when trying to mark up multiple images. Steps to reproduce: 1. Open an image 2. The default color is pink. Set it to orange. 3. Set a different line thickness than the default. 4. Select the rounded rect tool from the toolbar popup 5. Save the document and open a new one with CMD-O Result: All the changes you made to the toolbar revert to their defaults. Expected: App retains the user's settings on the tool bar between documents. This does not scale, it gets more inconvenient and annoying the more you try to use Skitch. This is a regression from earlier versions of Skitch. With best regards, Randy Hollingsworth Senior QA Engineer BoardVantage, Inc.
  5. I know you don't come to my work and tell me how to do my thing, but I was idly wondering if the desktop Evernote Mac app could use a Cocoa text view instead of Webkit. So many Mac apps use this, and many users want its built in abilities as default behavior, even if they don't know they are using it. I'm no expert, but I did this tutorial at http://cocoadevcentral.com/d/learn_cocoa/, and the text view certainly seems powerful enough. I'm sure your product is made the way it is for many good reasons. Apologies for backseat driving! Best regards, Randy
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