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  1. One of my uses of Evernote is for capturing recipes I find online. Using Evernote as my cookbook is very frustrating because of this issue. Every time my screen locks or en times out I have to search for the recipe again and find my place. VERY FRUSTRATING!
  2. I use Evernote for everything! One thing I use for a lot is capturing recipes I see online. The problem is that when I open Evernote on my iOS devices and I’m cooking, everytime the screen locks and I open the device back up, Evernote refreshes and I have to go looking for that note/recipe again. You guys sunset’d the AWESOME recipes app you had and I’ve continued to use Evernote standard for recipes but it’s unusable like this. I see other people in discussions on this forum who use Evernote for note taking in class and experience this same issue. And turning off background app refresh doesn’t solve the issue.
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