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  1. A Macbook Pro, using the Application...
  2. This was an anomaly. I've certainly accidentally deleted or mis-copy & pasted. But Edit / Undo and/or using the Restore from Trash have always given me the ability to address my own mistake. In this case, my note's content literally just disappeared. I was accessing it, I switched to another note, clicked back to it... gone.
  3. Understandable. Just a bit frustrated that my two options seem to be 1) lose my work/data or 2) pay to resolve their tech glitch in order to restore my effort.
  4. Appreciated. To date, I haven't needed to sink effort into that step, as this is a first time occurrence for me; have you experienced this with regularity on Evernote?
  5. In an attempt to prune, and then merge, two related notes into a single, larger, more focused note, the content of one of them simply disappeared while I was editing titles. Edit / Undo produced nothing, leading me to believe that it wasn't anything I did. I signed in online and its content was missing there, as well. I understand the 'Note History' feature that exists if you are a Premium user, but I haven't gotten my project to that level yet. Is there anything I can do about this? Customer service does not exist for me. Thanks!
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