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  1. As described previously, Evernote does open when sharing from a browser. Its very simple. Other apps do a better job implementing sharing functionality. Evernote could pick up some cues there. Using third party apps to make a quick note is not acceptable. Thank you for your help anyway.
  2. Yes, that works perfectly. Pocket implemented its sharing funcionality really well. I do that when I do want to safe text from a website. When I share the website to Evernote from Chrome browser on Android, it will only save the bookmark as a note. When I share it to pocket, it will safe the contents of the website in the background (which is what makes pocket a separate app concept). Afterwards I can share the contents from the website from Pocket to Evernote. What I am unnerved about though is that sharing things to Evernote is not seeminglessly integrated into the workflow of reading, researching or gathering information. This is what a note taking app is there for. So sharing it first to another app, doesn't really solve that problem. It is simply something I would hope that the Evernote team did take more serious. Its two separate issues now. (1) Evernote opening everytime when sharing something to Evernote and (2) Website content cannot be shared to Evernote from a browser when using the browsers sharing function. There is plenty of other issues like this. Like how hard it is to share a note as a text message, pdf or email, instead of as a link to a Evernote. I cannot share something like this to external co-workers or friends. Unfortunately Evernote is anyway the best option available at the moment. It would be so easy to make it better and perfect the workflow.
  3. It does always happen, no matter from where I share it to evernote. Is it true that for some people this doesn't happen? As far as I understand it simply doesn't bother some people, but it does happen. When sharing to eg Pocket one can still simply press the button that pops up on your screen to either tag the note, comment it, or entirely switch over to the app. This leaves open all possibilities for advanced editing, but doesn't disturb the workflow. It is simply a better implementation of the sharing functionality.
  4. See screenshots in reverse order below. When sharing to Evernote I end up in Evernote. I have to press three or four more times to get back to where I was before saving the bookmark. This is simply bad design.
  5. It is possible to share things to Evernote, but when doing that I switch completely to an Evernote screen where I can edit the note. I don't want to edit the note though. I just want to keep reading and safe the article for future reference. Maybe yes, tag it, but not necessarily add anything to the note. Pocket implemented this much better. I am using Android on a Samsung S8 btw.
  6. It is incredibly disturbing and stops the workflow that evernote is opening everytime you maybe want to safe a link, a phrase or article while reading or going through something. Please change this. For cues how this can work, please check how other apps implemented this functionality. Pocket is doing a great job here for example.
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