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  1. Find & Replace within a note (Mac version) is really needed. The current 'Search' feature isn't really helpful, because with CMD-G, the found text is highlighted but not selected. The text cursor remains at the original position. Also you cannot see very well which piece of text is actually found, because the highlight-border looks the same on all selected texts. All-in-all does it look like a programmer started this, but never finished it.
  2. Come on Evernote, don't yawn and moan about a huge todo list, just add highlight colors. Then you'll have one item less from your huge todo-list.
  3. F&R would be handy, yes. But what disturbs me the most is that when doing an in-note find, the text is selected but not made current. So you can't do Find Next / Paste as a F&R alternative. The text cursor remains where it was and when you paste text, it's therefore inserted at the wrong position. The excuse is of course that it 'has to do with finding text in PDFs and images' but ... I am a IT guy and I know that they know if the current found/selected text is inside an attachment or not. So to simply add a few lines of extra code to really select the text with a Find(Next), shouldn't be that much of a problem.
  4. Ah, I already wondered too! Didn't try CTRL+ENTER. A bit strange combination, I find.
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