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  1. I have been a Premium Evernote user for years since I migrated from OneNote. When I first upgraded from 6.25.1 to the new v10 update I was excited for the improvements, many of which I had requested myself. But for the few real enhancements that I saw, the cost was a large number of unacceptable and puzzling changes that were major steps backward. On balance, I think the developers destroyed an otherwise solid application. It's so bad that I went back to v6.25.1 and have begun prepping for the possibility that I will need to move back to OneNote - not a pleasant notion. Perhaps worse, I tried to comment on some of these issues over a week ago, and apparently the moderators did not like my criticism. This does not bode well for Evernote. My observations of v10: Web clipping is now broken. Previous versions preserved formatted HTML well during clipping. This is important for content like legal statutes which rely heavily on indented formatting. V10 is useless in this area: "Article" retains formatting but clips into an HTML container which cannot be edited or highlighted whereas "Simplified Article" is editable but strips out all formatting. Unacceptable, since previous versions did not have this problem. Manually cleaning up missing formatting is an absolute No-Go. Search feature is now functionally useless. Previous versions allowed targeting searches to notebooks, folders and individual notes. V10 provides NO search controls. I have some 6,000 notes in my database, so this change renders the search utility absurdly worthless and entirely inexplicable. Who would design a database with only global search options? Sloooowwwww. As others have mentioned, the new version now moves at a glacial creep. Hard to understand why this is so. No manual Sync feature. This is a bigger deal than some may think. I do a lot of web-based research and use the web clip utility a lot. Previously, I could manually sync right after clipping an article to begin markup immediately. Now one has to sit and wait for the content to be available, which can take several minutes. Multiply that wasted time over several hundred articles and we are talking about significant amounts of time. Can no longer choose app to edit PDF's as in previous versions. 6.25.1 menu provides "Open" or "Open with" to allow user to decide which software to edit PDF's with. I run both Adobe Pro and Reader DC, depending on what I need to do. I can't understand the elimination of that flexibility. Others have noted many other areas which have seen a step backward, but I was so disappointed with v10 that I ditched it and went back to 6.25.1 a day later. The broken web clipping and broken search feature were plenty frustrating to convince me. Please, Evernote developers. Listen to your users. Implement the enhancements without breaking the core functionality which was excellent prior to the "upgrade." I hope you folks can fix these problems before you create a mass exodus from your software. Todd
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