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  1. I have a situation where I want to log events to a predefined note in Evernote. When I create the straightforward example the result looks like: calshow:597514937 This is a classic case of “Artificial Stupidity”: Siri has given me the answer I asked for but not the answer I want. “calshow:” is a non-specific reference to a calendar app and “597514937” is the number of seconds since Jan 1, 2001. So, Siri has dutifully printed a reference to now that is universally understood in iOS and completely meaningless to a human being. The fix introduces an extra step. We create a variable “Clop” containing the Current Date. We then use the Evernote “Append” command. This coerces the variable into text and we get a result a dumb human can read “12/20/19 08:23”. The formatting can be changed clicking on the “Renamed Item” and specifying it there. So the total shortcut looks like: With “Renamed Item” formatted as: I have found this useful when taking pictures. I can dictate a caption and match the time stamp when I get back to my desk. “Hey Siri, here’s a caption” and I’m good to go.
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