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  1. Hi, I was wondering if it's in the roadmap to get the different versions of Evernote to look more like each other. Personally i use it both on windows, web and Mac. I'm making some of my notes as a kind of template, where i use tables a lot. But, when seeing the notes on the windows version it sucks. All formatting is gone, you cant see the tables and so on. On the other hand the time-band is non-existent on the mac. If you have a set of routines about a product, it is not good to have to have different routines every time you shift your place of work. The greatness about this product is multiple, but one of the GREATEST things is the posibillity to use it on different platforms. Any plans? PLZ. Regards Thorsgris
  2. Hi, Thx for a great program. Have you any news on which languages you will localize the program to? Is danish one of them? You could consider doing it in 2 steps. First a translation of the UI, and then the recognition part. The first being the most important! You could also consider letting the community in on the translation, so it could be done faster. regards. Thorsgris
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