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  1. Here comes a new problem, now the old version doesn't upload new notes This has becomes more irritating
  2. As u see this is what should happens when sending to whatsapp.. And again, i have to downgraded my version to the old one apk again for this to works
  3. Yes, i just update it to the newest version. And this bug still happens, as attached, when u send an image to whatsapp, it will show like that. I have the apk of evernote old version thats still work fine while sending an image to whatsapp, as attached.. And lastly i just send a log report Please fix this bug.. Its been going on for years...
  4. That's why im still using the old version evernote cause the newer ver can't send images... This occurs only on Android.. Please evernote admin, fix this bug. This happens too long and nobody doing anything to fix this problem...
  5. Hi, i can no longer send photo or pdf files inside notes with the new version of evernote. I usually send it via Whatsapp....all this time I'm using the old version of evernote and it work perfectly to send photos or pdf... But hence I upgraded to android os10. The old one doesn't work anymore, everytime I try to open a note, it always said : the current note is not available right now... So I have no option other than upgrade it to the latest one... Here by I attached the problem, always show like a raw file like this... While on the previous one it always send as a pictures...
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