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  1. Thanks, That did the trick 😉 Apparently I have tried to us the application a few years ago and the device was still registered. Now I can go ahead and start work with. Thanks both of you! Really appreciate your help. Best regards, Danny
  2. Dear all, Just installed Evernote basic on my PC and Iphone, very exicted to start using it but when I start the application on my Iphone I get a pop-up to upgrade to the paid version or desyncronise altough the basic version should allow to use 2 devices simultainious, is it not ? The 2 options I have is to upgrade or desyncronise. If I choose the last it would not have much use. Before I upgrade I would like to use the application on my phone for a while to see if it suits my needs. Can some help me out or explain how I can get this woking or am I out of options ?
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