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  1. Yes, it looks like they're gone. My scandrop also crashes when I scan anything > 1 page long. I really miss it, and have not been able to find an alternative to scan, process, destination. I tried devonthink but its slow & overkill. Please post if you find anything!
  2. Nevermind my last post: the issue had nothing to do with Evernote. Instead it was my fault for jailbreaking the device. For the record, the problem was with the LockInfo app, specifically with the "Bypass Passcode" option. Apparently, when there is no password entered to go into springboard, iOS gets confused and authentication fails in many apps. This bug also messed my Mail.app and I was also having issues with Twitter, which forgot the password a few times.
  3. I'm getting this error too. This morning when I tried to open the application it would just quit inmediately after opening. So I uninstalled it, rebooted and got it from the app store again. When the login screen appears I enter my username and password and there I get the error: yfrog.com/h255ugpj The console log is: May 23 14:31:08 Juan-Daniel-Serranos-iPhone Evernote[218] : *** Assertion failure in -[KeychainWrapper secItemFormatToDictionary:], /Users/swhite/Projects/Evernote/ios.evernote/tags/4.0.3-rc3/3rd Party Sources/Apple/Keychain/KeychainWrapper.m:347 I have tried to reinstall the app a few times but have had no luck. Thank you!
  4. This worked great for me as well. I think there should be an option to disable this from preferences...spotlight search was getting useless because for everything that I searched for there were usually a couple of Evernote notes appearing (consequence of having tons of pdfs and documents there. Maybe there could be an option to only look in titles? or exclude attachments? (maybe there is, couldn't find it)
  5. What i use to "Print to Evernote" is this (Windows 7) 1. Install PDFCreator (http://sourceforge.net/projects/pdfcreator/) 2. Set up an "Import Folder" in Evernote (Tools, Import Folders) 3. Anything you want to print, choose PDFCreator as printer and save to the watched folder. 4. Also, a lifehacker explains here, you can also create a Sent To shortcut...that way you can put any file easily into evernote! (http://lifehacker.com/#!5331408/add-eve ... nd-to-menu) You won't get those editable notes you're craving, but you'll keep formating every single time. Hope this helps a little bit...
  6. Hi,...I just downloaded the Clipmarks extension for Firefox and have found it very nice to clip things to evernote...just clip what I want and send an email to my evernote address...I think you guys (devs) should take a look at how it works, as I think it works better with evernote than the current clippers: I get tidier results from webpages!!!
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