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  1. Thanks for the assistance. Evernote support have now been in touch so hopefully they can resolve the issue.
  2. I do have another account that hasn't been used for 6+ years. I have checked that too and that one hasn't been erroneously upgraded either. I guess the forum says "Basic" because the subscription hasn't been renewed. If I try contacting Evernote it asked me how I paid, when I select 'iTunes' it tells me I have to contact Apple. When I contact Apple, they say it's nothing to do with them and to contact Evernote - stalemate. I have emailed Evernote but not yet had a reply...... Helpfully the auto response says 'If you need help right away, contact us via live chat (Ev
  3. As I said in the original post. Software and hardware all rebooted, multiple times.
  4. Hi, I have renewed my annual subscription through iTunes, it seems to have worked fine with the web version and the iOS version but on my Mac I keep getting the pop-up prompting me to upgrade. I have tried restarting the app and rebooting the computer. The only options it give are 'Unsync all devices' or 'Sign Out' or 'Upgrade'. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'd really like to get some work done offline and sync later. Thanks
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