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  1. I have an extensive Evernote environment built in AppleScript, and just learned (upon installing on a new Mac) that it is now dust in the wind. I could go back to Legacy (and probably will for a time), but clearly that’s not a sustainable path forward. It sounds like the right thing to do is to just rebuild the interfaces in Electron. So, with that in mind, has anyone found a nice “getting started” document for scripting the new version in its native tongue?
  2. While there is no need for shouting... I do agree that lack good annotation is a major failing of Evernote. Not only is it extremely limited functionally, but the functionality that it has is very poorly implemented. For example, when I try using Apple Pencil to write on a document it fails to accurately capture my pencil strokes. Evernote clearly understands the need for annotation. But how is it possible that having been around for as long as it has, with the user base that it enjoys, that its annotation capability is so unforgivably horrible??? I started using Evernote some years
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