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  1. Yes I have seen the Filterize looks like a great option specially to automate tags Thank you !
  2. Great thank you for elaborating on the use of Spaces. Best Pierre
  3. Just tryng to wrap my head around it. Would prefer one main notebook. Is there a firm or someone who can offer their services to set this up for us?
  4. DTLow, Thank you fo rthe quick response. So from what you are saying we can go premium for all users, and each user shares their filling notebook with each other, theres no way to have one main notebook reposittory that I can admin.
  5. Hello, We have a simple small business in the logistics field, our storage facility is getting larger and larger with small storage boxes filled with vanila folders which each represent one cargo move (work oder). To eliminate all of this paper I truly feel that evernote can help, so far i've used a premium account with success but to truly get this running I need to be able to let all of our logistic coordinators and billing personel to be able to scan and email related docs and ect to one main inbox that would be sharable and then simly tag each document or email with each work ord
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