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  1. I would appreciate this post to be deleted. I just want to apologyze about the harsh speak. About everything else, the same answers that I´ve seen before every time this type of request comes up, that I totally disagree. And answers always embeded with some sort of arrogance. Maybe Manually sorting more than 10 notes makes little sense for 126561 notes, but WILL make sense for the 10,9,8 or even 3 first notes, USER will define what is best for self. Exaclty what I have been doing. Much better 00, 01, 999 naming than manual sorting for sure I realized that this request will never happen. So, I give up.
  2. Please, even Premium members don´t have this basic and useful feature. Using reminders and shortcuts as workaround is absolutely ridiculous. It´s pathetic consider this lame workaround in 2019. With numerous notes and notebooks, in most of the cases the traditional sorting (name, date...) becomes useless (seriously, who in this earth needs an "origin app" or "origin URL" sort? "Reverse sort", are you kidding?). People who say that one should use another app for priorize things should shut the F up.
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