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  1. Strong vote of support. Doesn't have to be a feature on every platform (as with font changing on some mobile) if devs are worried about screen sizes (and people who can't figure anything out) but it would be really good to have it on non-mobile and web (and I'm sure many people want it on mobile too -- either way it should respect the pins you made on any platform.)
  2. ugh. nevermind, I just found it. Ignore. (Tools-->Options--->Language--->Uncheck check spelling as you type)
  3. I also use Windows 10 on my other computer although I don't have it here to check if this is a problem there as well. Is there a way to turn this off? I use a lot of wordplay and unusual terminology.
  4. Currently sharing to evernote from another app opens up the fullscreen evernote. I wish it could just do a small box over the existing screen, where you could select your options like tags and notebook, without changing the active app. Google keep notes and Zoho notebook allow this. If it were changed I would immediately get evernote premium, but right now it interferes too much with workflow.
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