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  1. Thanks all for your quick replies! Sorry Dave-in-Decatur, that wasn't the problem. I couldn't answer your question because it was the first time that I've opened Evernote in a long time. The problem was solved by the suggestion from DTLow -- once I opened the Note List view, I could see all the notes associated with the tag. Mind you, this is very different from what I saw in videos, but that's the world now. CalS, thanks for responding and affirming the solution. Blessings!
  2. I am using Windows version (308716) Public (CE Build ce-62.5.9981). I am trying to see all the notes associated with a particular tag. However, when I double-click a tag, it takes me to the first note only. There isn't any way to view all notes at once or even to navigate to the next note. This seems like basic functionality of evernote, yet I'm not finding anything in forum or internet. The few videos about tagging all had a single note attached to the tag (convenient ?). What the heck am I missing here? As an example, here's a screenshot showing that I have 9 notes tagged with "color." However, I can view the first one only.
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