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  1. I cannot get into any of my devices and the web server is saying not available. Anyone know what's going on?
  2. Well I'm a Plus user. Been with Evernote since 2015. Been working for me as needed with little bugs on both IOS and Windows. Except when they rolled out V10, which was an epic failure. They did roll this new interface out to all levels, however you can only change it, remove widgets or change background home pic if you are premium. Which is not a good marketing strategy. The new look is ok and functional, but why would you force me to take this. If I did not like it, I would have pay more money or leave Evernote. There is nothing at the premium level that adds any value to my use of Evernote. Not to run on, if they offer it to all levels, they should let you change it, or remove it, at any level. I hope someone from Evernote can take this to heart.
  3. This sucks. The duplicate bug is NOT fixed. Just stripped EN off my iPhone 11, reinstalled V10.0.2, restarted twice and the program just posted a duplicate note. Same problem. Why would they roll this piece of ***** out. I have been with EN for many years and rely on this program both on my PC and phone. For all matters, personal and business. I ditched One Note for this, and starting to think about returning. I cannot depend on this program for two weeks now. This is not good.
  4. I too am a long time user. Looks as this issue was brought to their attention last week. Why was the update not pulled. I just downloaded today the new update for iPhone 11 (IOS 13.7) and all this is happening. I found out about the bug now, almost a week later. Why continue to let this happen. Shut the upgrade off until you get it fixed. Makes the platform unusable at this time. On another note, why don't you make phone numbers be able to launch the phone app and call. This is also very annoying.
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