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  1. Thank you. I suspected that the service works this way. I was hoping to use the watch more as an independant device (especially since it carries an esim card) but I can see that it's stil dependent on the iPhone (in several cases). Best regards, Peter
  2. Hi, I'm new to Evernote and have the following question. When I add a note using my Apple Watch the note is not instantly sync'ed to the web. Nothing happens until I open the iPhone app. I noticed that it syncs very quickly if I open the Evernote app on the phone. But is starting the app a requirement? Do I need to open the iPhone App to sync my Apple Watch notes? If the question is yes: will the iOS Evernote app sync on a specific interval during the day so I can avoid manually opening the app (I can see Evernote has access to background processes)? I'm trying to find a so
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