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  1. True, Windows PHONE is pretty well dead, but Windows 10 is alive and well. if Evernote is really committed to making itself accessible virtually everywhere they need to either make their web version mobile friendly or move further along in making their Windows 10 app a universal app (UWP). Their desktop app on the Windows Store is OK, but even as such lacks significantly, and is not really that easy to use on Windows tablets, etc. By fixing this, they would solve the problem for those of us who use Windows 10 Mobile as well. Obviously, so far their commitment has been just lip service, which (even though I like Evernote for certain things) is leading me to switch over to OneNote where at least there is commitment to Windows as a whole (and much more than phone/mobile). This is about much more than Windows Phone. Certainly, Evernote has the right to support whatever platforms it chooses, but if they continue disregarding Windows they will lose whatever foothold they have there.
  2. I am also very disappointed to see this. Sure, I get that a Windows Phone app by itself doesn't make sense, but then the Windows 10 store app needs to be updated to become truly UWP, or at least a mobile web version should be available. I am thankful that in the short-term the app will run on my phone, but I will also be prepping to make the final transfer over to OneNote. This gives me enough time to cancel my Premium subscription next month when it comes up for renewal. Sad, since my participation in Evernote goes back to 2008, and one of the first 4300 users.
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