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  1. Often, I will take notes either for a meeting or for sharing ideas. I will pass these around (different companies and possibly timezones) My recipients like receiving an email they can read without having to follow a link set up an account etc. Business users tend to just keep emails form people as a "file" copy. Incidentally some of my recipients liked what they received and this led them to get Evernote accounts as this feature was valued by them also as it meant they could keep notes in one place but share easily without any expectation placed on the recipient. I feel onenote is an inferior
  2. Hi, does anyone know if there is a way to use Apple pencil with Templates. I have a meeting minutes / cation template but it would be much more efficient if i could annotate the template with my apple pencil than type. I tend to use my iPad in meetings. All advice gratefully received - thanks John
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