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  1. OK. I found the version 4 in my hdd. Now, Evernote does not seem to freeze. There is no additional feature on V5 that I do use which forces me to use that buggy version. Now I am on version 4 - it is lighter and does not freeze now. I am OK with that. Disabled update check.

  2. When I try to clip a selection in this page with Evernote Firefox Plugin, I get "missing note title" error.


    Is this a bug - or would there be any interference with other plugins I have? I believe it is not a problem on my side - I can select anything I wish as a clip from Firefox. But at this page - no.




    Evernote , Firefox 24.0

  3. OK - As I just thought on the problem, I backed up the local copy, deleted everything and synchronized and downloaded from the web. Now it seems to solve it, at least for now. I always had copied and pasted backed up local copy on fresh installs. In case other people having the same problem - try what I did - but back up the local copy in case the synchronization might delete some or all data.

  4. Is this a well known and general bug? This happens on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 And many platforms and any version of Evernote. Happens even when I reinstall the windows. The only variable that does not change is the backup copy of my notes.


    Problem is that:


    In the preview window, there are wrong notes for another note. When I click on the note, I see the correct note but in the preview window I always see different notes and pictures (even on different folders). This is always the same as in the environments in the first pharagraph.


    From what I guess, there is something wrong with the database (corrupted?) but this is only a guess, because I changed every variable as need arises for other purposes (OS, computer, Evernote version etc.)


    What would the problem be - and how can I solve?

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