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  1. OK. I found the version 4 in my hdd. Now, Evernote does not seem to freeze. There is no additional feature on V5 that I do use which forces me to use that buggy version. Now I am on version 4 - it is lighter and does not freeze now. I am OK with that. Disabled update check.
  2. I was too fast. No - it still freezes.
  3. Renaming the database folder seemed to solve the problem.
  4. It is my new ritual for months to take notes seperately and add them to evernote in the next restart. Especially in emergency note taking circumstances, I automatically ignore Evernote to avoid embarassing situations.
  5. When I try to clip a selection in this page with Evernote Firefox Plugin, I get "missing note title" error. Is this a bug - or would there be any interference with other plugins I have? I believe it is not a problem on my side - I can select anything I wish as a clip from Firefox. But at this page - no. http://www.forumotomobil.com/forum/otomobil-sozlugu/arizalar-nedenleri-ve-bakimlari-nasil-yapilir/msg28966/?PHPSESSID=e2642d143b94680306f8b531939ec59b#msg28966 Evernote , Firefox 24.0
  6. I made a note mistakenly a reminder. Is there a way to make a normal note again without copying and pasting it to a new note?
  7. OK - As I just thought on the problem, I backed up the local copy, deleted everything and synchronized and downloaded from the web. Now it seems to solve it, at least for now. I always had copied and pasted backed up local copy on fresh installs. In case other people having the same problem - try what I did - but back up the local copy in case the synchronization might delete some or all data.
  8. Is this a well known and general bug? This happens on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 And many platforms and any version of Evernote. Happens even when I reinstall the windows. The only variable that does not change is the backup copy of my notes. Problem is that: In the preview window, there are wrong notes for another note. When I click on the note, I see the correct note but in the preview window I always see different notes and pictures (even on different folders). This is always the same as in the environments in the first pharagraph. From what I guess, there is something wrong with the database (corrupted?) but this is only a guess, because I changed every variable as need arises for other purposes (OS, computer, Evernote version etc.) What would the problem be - and how can I solve?
  9. Current reason I will use it now is that I will migrate all the pages saved in Firefox "Scrapbook" addon to Evernote. And there would be other needs to do so - its all up to imagination. I am using the desktop software - not the web interface.
  10. When I try to clip from a html page in my hard disk (not from the www) by Evernote Firefox clipper, it does not clip the article - it only asks to clip URL. Is this a bug - or is there any specific reason for this?
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