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  1. I synchronized my notes from another device, and one note came with the Location data. I removed the location and synchronized the note, but on the other device the note was still with the Localization data. The removal only works if I remove the Localization data and hit Ctrl+S to save the Note and then synchronize. The clearing of the Localization isn't being auto-saved as a modification. I tried to open a ticket about this, but I failed in doing so.
  2. After failing to create a ticket, I tried to open a Chat, but the Chat is blank, there's no way for me to input any text. I am using Firefox 70.0.1 (64-bits) on Windows 10.
  3. I am at the support page in Firefox 70.0.1 (64-bits) on Windows 10. I opened the Evernote program and went to Help > Help & Learning. Since my account is from Brazil, the portuguese website was the one opened. I selected to open a new ticket, filled everything and the "Enviar" (Send) button is green, but if I click it nothing happens. Here's the print:
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