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  1. Thank you for this workaround @jefito 😀 To do this in an effective way i.e. in a way that would share while maintaining hierarchy of the notes, I would need multi-stacking of notebooks, since we are collaborating on different topics of the same subject. Subject 1 + Topic 1 ++ Notebook (original notes) ++ Notebook (shared) + Topic 2 ++ Notebook (original notes) ++ Notebook (shared) Subject 2 + Topic 1 ++ Notebook (original notes) ++ Notebook (shared) + Topic 2 ++ Notebook (original notes) ++ Notebook (shared) In my honest opinion it would be much clean and easier, if the developers could introduce this new sharing option. sincerely, Eugene
  2. Hello dear developers, The current sharing features available for us are : **copied from standard documentation ** Feature request: Is it possible to have a fourth option "Can add new notes only" Reason: I have a lot of notes, technical and write-ups, and when I share notes, I never know if sometimes, the shared users make some changes that are not correct or some information is lost from the note, however I want to let them add their research, ideas, etc in new notes to this shared notebook. Tracking the history of all the notes and reverting changes would be a big pain. So I humbly request for this feature regards, Eugene
  3. Hello dear developers, I´m sure that many Evernote users haven't reached this forum page yet but i assure you that if this feature is released it would be a big reason to love Evernote even more. Thank you for making such an amazing application. Cheers !
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