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  1. I used Evernote before the web service. Remember the "endless ribbon"? I also make good use of the sidebar in Firefox for things other than bookmarks and history--RSS feeds being a good example. Plus, I use a little sidebar add-on named list-it, which has sort of an "endless ribbon" of its own. What would be really nice to have is an Evernote Sidebar for Firefox (and, I suppose, other browsers that provide a sidebar?) that focuses on creating small, searchable notes in an "endless ribbon" format that could as desired be sync'd with one's Evernote account. Frankly, it would be much like list-it but with syncing to a site where I already have an account and in which at least a little time and effort have been invested (aka Evernote) over the years. The key features: Simplicity. Endless ribbon. Local notebook. Firefox sidebar. Simplicity(!). Syncs with Evernote account. Searchable (with, optionally, saved searches). Firefox sidebar(!). Simplicity(!!). Endless ribbon(!!!!). "Simplicity" = dead simple interface with only and forever the basic features (create a note [minimal formatting for basic text], edit a note, delete a note, print a note, sync the notebook with Evernote). That's about it. How does that sound?
  2. Will do. Thanks. By the way, once the new version comes out of beta, the clipper for Firefox will support the same features as the clipper does in other browsers, right? (There was a lot of "not supported in Firefox" for features in the intro. doc. for the new clipper.)
  3. I'm using this CSS with Firefox 35. It makes the button icon background green except when the mouse cursor hovers it: @namespace url(hxxp://www.mozilla.org/keymaster/gatekeeper/there.is.only.xul); #nav-bar toolbarbutton[id^=action-button][id$=evernote-button] image { transition-property: background-image !important; transition-duration: 150ms !important; } #nav-bar toolbarbutton[id^=action-button][id$=evernote-button]:not(:hover) image { background-image: linear-gradient(#a6e868,#87ca48) !important; } I don't use Chrome, but I'm not aware of user CSS being able to modify the browser's chrome. You can use this CSS with Firefox either with the Stylish add-on or by using the userChrome.css file. (If you don't know how to use either, then "Google search is your friend.".) Hope this helps. (You'll have to change the "hxxp" in the first line to "http" when you use it. The forum here--like most forums--breaks the URL when it's posted.) Edit: Here's something similar for someone also using Clearly: toolbarbutton[id^=action-button][id$=evernote-button] > image, toolbarbutton#readable_by_evernote__button > image { transition-property: background-image !important; transition-duration: 150ms !important; } toolbarbutton[id^=action-button][id$=evernote-button]:not(:hover) > image { background-image: radial-gradient(closest-side,#fff,#97ca58) !important; } toolbarbutton#readable_by_evernote__button:not(:hover) > image { background-image: radial-gradient(closest-side,#fff,#b4c5e7) !important; } (It uses a radial gradient instead.) Edit #2: Here's a note with example image: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s532/sh/b0c04452-8fe8-4b57-adfc-3a2b2b4a0aee/2f750196919b9436a52f0dc1f72df35d
  4. OK, I've updated, and the screenshot process works now--looks a lot better, too (no big, blank, grey window). Thanks a bunch! So, I presume Mozilla's plans to have all extensions for Firefox "signed" in the future will put something of a kink in your process of hosting them here and users being able to install them in a timely fashion (or at all?)--they still haven't verified the latest one at AMO (because they're too busy/dragging their heels). I guess "author sites" will either have something of a problem or Mozilla will have to give up its "control freak" attitude? (or maybe users everywhere will all feel "safer and more secure" with Mozilla in control? ...I don't know [but I mostly doubt it])
  5. Great -- that sounds promising. From the page you link to: " 3) Open finder window with location of xpi file and drag and drop this onto any open Firefox window. This installs it." What's a "finder window"? The only .xpi on the linked-to page is included in the instructions for Mac, which makes it appear that it should only be installed on a Mac, I am indeed on Windows (and installed the version I'm using now from AMO). Is that .xpi actually for Windows, too? Thanks.
  6. I'm using Fx35 with v6 of the clipper. I haven't had a problem yet clipping most stuff, but screenshot won't work at all--keep getting "Error: invalid arguments". Basically, things look pretty normal while making the clip for a part of the window; once I release the mouse button, the window turns blank and grey--it seems to want to support annotation (which apparently isn't supported in Firefox [for some reason?]) because the mouse cursor changes when over the grey area (but there's no image there to annotate); but I don't want to annotate anyway--just save the image to my notebook. When I actually try to do the save, though, I get the error message popup. So, what's the problem? Thanks.
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