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  1. I recommed Bear - it it has import from evernote and awesome markdown editor (but mobile app only for iphone). Notion also has import and supports markdown.
  2. Ok, I understood. I waited for this feature (for more than 5 years) and many others. Goodbye, Evernote, I moved to Bear.
  3. For me it's time to export all from Evernote to Notion. I tired from Evernote - it looks like stagnation.
  4. For reminder on mac I set reminder as date and time, and then can see only reminder date without time. Why?
  5. When I create reminder for note, on iphone I haven't calendar (but on android it is). If I need reminder after 3 months, for example, I must scroll left column (see screenshot). And if I need reminder after 6 months? After year?
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