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  1. I just discovered that pasting text into Google Sheets appears to separate the (para)graph breaks in the manner I am seeking... but now I cannot for the life of me succeed in exporting Evernotes to Google Sheets...
  2. I want to reformat my entire Evernote into pieces by paragraph break. Is there any method or external app anyone is aware of that I could use to output tons of little items, using the graph breaks as a delimiter?
  3. Hey everyone, issue resolved. I was actually able to find a ticket submission option through the Evernote website; I think my browser just failed to load this option the first time. I apologize for my arrogance - Evernote was actually quite available for me and helped out. As for the strange tech issue: It wasn’t a bug at all - my account was compromised by a third party apparently, so what I needed to do was reset my password.
  4. Hi. I am having this same issue, but on my phone. Evernote sends me a message every couple days telling me I’m using too many devices. It lists my iPhone and then my last usage a few minutes prior on the same phone as separate devices. This was just a minor minor annoyance for a while, as I’d revoke the previous ghostphone. But now Evernote is only letting you revoke a device a couple times a month? Are you kidding me? I was going to email tech support about this but then learned you have to have a paying account to even be able to do so. That’s crazy. A dark pattern. I hope someone might have some advice on this, otherwise it might be time to ditch this app.
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