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  1. Hi Dave, thanks for a fast response. I know that, this is not the best idea to contact with support via public forum, but I haven't any other option. I tried to create a request via https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new before I go to the forum. Yes, there is a message " Please submit a ticket and provide as much information as possible so we can diagnose the problem(...)", but I still don't see any button like "Submit ticket" / "Create ticket" / "New ticket" (screenshot attaced). Only working and enabled button is a link to this forum, so this is the main reason why I'm here - on the forum. I also have a lot of experiences with support management and a support tiers created to block users from spamming the engineers. But for me it's a little exaggeration if user can't contact support when the user have such serious problem like a lost of the data. It looks serious, it could affect your premium users, but as user I have no way even to inform Evernote engineers about such serious problem. And as an engineer I know that this also bad idea, because without such technical feedback you are completely blind. Every cloud engineer is really afraid about "silent data corruption", just because - it's... silent. And of course, I can subscribe to Premium for one month, but it seems a little crazy to pay for something that is not working. And evenwithout guaranty that my note/data is somewhere in your systems. Yes, maybe it's in the Note History, maybe not. Is there any way to contact with IT support? I can help with technical description of my problem. Thnx and best regards...
  2. I've also hit the same problem last night (circa ~ 3:00 a.m. CET). Last evening and night I was working on a few notes with webclient. After 3:00 a.m. CET I've checked their content (for sure), then I close the browser, shutdown computer and I go to sleep. At the morning I copy and paste my most important note to other tool - to create the backup copy (I didn't checked the content of the note during this operation). A few minutes ago I've realized that there are missing parts in my notes - there are no changes done with webclient between ~ 10:00p.m. - 03:00 a.m. (there are lacks also in my morning backup) There are no "conflicts" between the versions of the notes in Evernote. It looks that I can lost >5h of my very important work. Didn't you have some problems with your storage or API/backend last night? Could you check, if there are (were?) newer versions of my notes before 3:00 a.m CET? Or any interaction/works on my account between (00:00 - 03:00 a.m) basis on the API/frontend/backend logs? Is there any chance to recover that "night" versions of my notes ? Is there any conflict? Eventually consistent problems in storage? I'm the senior cloud architect, please contact me Ii I could help or you need some more details. I hope that I can't "just silently lost the content of my notes", without any conflicts nor the information from your logs/systems. For me, this is a CRITICAL problem.
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