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  1. I resolved my issue - there was a conflict between log in protocols. I was using my email address and password but had also set up google login. Once I used the google log in it worked fine.
  2. Figured it out - I logged into the web version and reviewed all settings and noticed that under connected services I have the google one sign-on enabled but I'd been signing on with my original username (my gmail address) and password. So I went off wifi and logged out - reconnected to wifi and logged in with google and no crash. Seems stable so far.
  3. No. I'm on a 15" MBP - Early 2013 - Running Catalina - fresh install. AntiVirus One installed but not running - or running - doesn't make a difference.
  4. I've done all of these steps - multiple times. No joy. At this point I think I'm going to have to find a way to extract all my notebooks and find a different solution.
  5. Dr. Cleaner Pro full uninstall - wipe all residual files and junk. Reboot
  6. Here is a list of what I've done: I'm on a fresh install of Catalina Installed Uninstalled - deeply Reinstalled from app store uninstalled -deeply reinstalled from web download in all cases when I first start the app it loads until I enter my credentials - then hard crash as it tries to sync If I disable all network connections it loads until I re-enable network - then hard crash again. Round and round.
  7. Evernote crashes 100 percent of the time on Catalina for me. No response from support on my ticket.
  8. On installation the system will open and upon entering login credentials the app hard crashes. Restarting the app opens with the bug report screen then it crashes again. Full uninstall and re-install is not helpful. This is a fresh install of Catalina Latest version of evernote from either the app store or direct from evernote website results in same. If I turn the WIFI off the app opens and appears stable but then when I turn wifi back on I can see it starts to sync and crashes. Here is the evernote crash log with the WIFI off Incident Identifier: F7A7ED12-4F8B-4EF6-9CC1-94
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