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  1. Since a few days Evernote doesn't respond when I type in Android. I have to kill the app, start it again and then it works, but only as long as it's selected on screen. When I switch apps and come back, it's not registering new input anymore. Is this annoying bug known and will it be fixed? I have a Oneplus 6 Regards Fred
  2. I am baffled by this response. So basically you are saying that I'm screwed as long as I don't pay. I don't have a Visa card, and besides that, for the problem that I'm facing (sudden loss of 11 months worth of data due to a technical error in the app), I believe any user should get help. If not, this shows how little Evernote cares, and how untrustworthy the software really is. If you offer a product to the public, even if it's for free, then there should be a way for users to get help for a critical situation they're not at fault for, without having to change their subscription.
  3. Hi, this morning I wanted to add text to my long time note "English 5" and instead of seeing the note as usual, I got a pop-up that there was an error and I had to choose between discarding my latest changes and reset the formatting. I did the latter, but to no avail: the note is completely cleansed of all content. Can you please retrieve it for me? I've worked on it for months. I almost exclusively work on Evernote with my android mobile phone (Oneplus 6). What further info do you need from me? Thanks
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