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  1. Evernote Peeps: So... How is it that Evernote is SUPPOSED to be the end-all-be-all (EABA) of note taking-software, yet it does not integrate with the EABA of type-editing software, Grammarly? The EABA of word-processing, Microsoft Word, has integrated with Grammarly. Chrome isn't the EABA of browsers, (it has serious competitors [Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc]) so... GRAMMARLY INTEGRATED WITH THEM ALL!!! This inadequacy of provision is the equivalent of: 1. Living in the year 1893 2. Having no running water (thus having to use buckets as your communal commode) 3. SOMEONE HASN'T DUMPED THE COMMODE IN A MONTH AND IT'S OVERFLOWING ALL OVER THE PLACE!!! TAKE CARE OF THIS INTEGRATION ISSUE ASAP PLEASE! IT IS RIDICULOUSLY OVERDUE! How is it possible that it hasn't already been handled/remedied? As the EABA of your niche, get with the program already, If y'all intend to be taken serious. Do something about this, please!!! Common Evernote! Seriously...
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