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  1. I'm afraid that Evernote have lost the plot. This used to be a great product but the new "architecture" has made the product very slow. I'm on a new mac mini - everything else works fine - but not Evernote. There are delays when typing a note and it has got so bad now that I think it's the end of the road. If I can't type a note on Evernote consistently then I can't use the product. Goodbye Evernote.
  2. Evernote is also very slow on my Mac. It is truly terrible. I'm afraid Evernote have lost the plot. From being so good this product is just a disaster. I pay for Evernote but not the Premium version. To try to charge £40 a year for this trash is a nonsense. You can get all the Microsoft Apps for less than £60 a year. No comparison.
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