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  1. I had been using evernote for about a month on Android to take notes for University. Often during lectures, the app would glitch and the note would go blank. Usually I could click the back button and refresh the note from the list and continue working, but sometimes, the entire note would be empty. Back buttons do nothing. Nothing in the recycle bin. No sync conflict in the web client. Nothing. An entire lectures' notes lost. I therefore migrated to another program, but recently had to come back to an old piece of work I started in evernote. I worked on it for a couple of hours, then it too, disappeared without a trace. I cannot recommend Evernote (on android) to anyone. Quite aside from the terrible sketch interface, it is just completely unacceptable to lose data like that. It's a shame, since Evernote (at least on the desktop/web versions) is generally very powerful and easy to use. Since a tablet is the main place it is even useful though, the entire system is worthless. I hope one day the Android app has a lot of work done on it and I can swap back, but in the meantime I will not touch it with a bargepole.
  2. I'm guessing this has been sitting in developer backlog for a long time because it doesn't strictly speaking limit functionality, and therefore isn't prioritised. It does, however, limit usability. This is a key tool for keeping notes funtional and readable - the core point of Evernote. As many others here have said, this would be trivial to implement and be a huge help to many users.
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