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  1. Hi folks: I tried out Dale's script (Thank you, Dale!), but it seemed to lose the HTML formatting of my existing notes. Since all my notes are bulleted and indented, I have to have the formatting preserved. (There's a chance I just used his script wrong...) Here's how I moved my Journler notes over. This approach will map Journler folders to Evernote notebooks, will preserve create & modification dates of your Journler entries, and preserves HTML formatting. The Journler category is NOT parsed out or mapped, nor are tags supported. 1. Export all Journler records, by Journler category and/or target Evernote notebook. For example, if you have a Journler folder called "Personal", select all entries and then choose: File / Export Selected Entries. You need to export the entries as "Rich Text", Include header, Set file creation date, Set file modification date, and "Save each entry ... in its own file all in a single folder." NB: The folder you save to will become the name of the Evernote notebook. 2. Launch Evernote, go into Preferences, and in the Clipping tab, temporarily disable: "Bring note to front", "Bounce dock icon" and "Play a sound". In the General tab, click on "Grown preferences" and temporarily disable Growl for Evernote. You can turn these settings back on after the import, but trust me -- if you import > 10 Journler entries, you will want these off. 3. Load the applescript below into Script Editor.app, and run it. 4. Pick the folder you exported your Journler entries to. Remember: the name of this folder becomes the name of the notebook in Evernote. 5. Run the script. 6. Rinse & repeat for your remaining Journler categories / notebooks. 7. Done! You may want to consider using the export process from Journler as a way to remap your categories. If you export multiple Journler categories into the same output Folder, they will end up in the same Evernote notebook after import. Code for the applescript below. There is no error checking, and standard disclaimers around ruining your existing Evernote records and formatting your hard drive apply. set listOfNames to {} set theFolder to choose folder "Select the source folder" tell application "Finder" set filelist to every file of the folder theFolder repeat with currentFile in filelist set currentFileName to (the name of currentFile) set nom to currentFileName if text -4 of nom is "." then set currentFileName to (text 1 thru -5 of nom) end if set currentFileDate to (the creation date of currentFile) set currentFileLocation to currentFile as alias set currentFileFolder to (the name of theFolder) tell application "Evernote" create note title currentFileName created currentFileDate notebook currentFileFolder from file currentFileLocation end tell end repeat end tell
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