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  1. Are you sure this is based on how Evernote sorts on Android? This is not how the characters are sorted on my Android phone. Here is the full list in order from my phone: ` accent AKA non-shift tilde ^ _ underscore - dash ; semi-colon : colon ! ? . period ' single quote " double quotes ( open parenthesis ) close parenthesis @ * / slash \ slash & # % + < = > | pipe ~ tilde $ 0-9 A-Z
  2. So I had a chance to test this out... here is what I found (not a complete list of all characters possible) ` (character above tab key) ^ carat _ underscore - minus ! exclamation . period ' single quote # pound ~ tilde
  3. Does anyone know of the sort order for characters in Evernote on Android? I found this blog post that detailed the differences for PC, Mag and iOS back in 2010, but I just realized that Android has a different order as well... http://www.sensefulsolutions.com/2010/07/evernote-tag-sort-order.html On my PC, my tags prefixed with a period . sort before tags prefixed with an underscore _ or colon : But when I sync EN on Android, the tags with an _ or : prefix are above the tags with a . prefix Before I go through several tests, anyone else have an idea? thanks
  4. When adding a new note, it'd be nice to have an option for the note title to automatically be typed in as Title Case instead of Sentence case. Saves the user from having to manually capitalize every word... Not sure if this is possible or not, but wanted to suggest it.
  5. Similar to how the new Google Reader Android app has an option to use the up and down volume keys to go to the next or previous item... And of course, make it an option in the settings. I know not everyone will like that concept.
  6. I think in the old versions of EN there was an option in the settings to define the default author for notes. Right now we have to fill that in for each note... Can we bring that back into version 4?
  7. I'm using the 4.0.2 pre-release version, although it did this too with the version 4 I used... When I click on the EN icon on my Windows 7 taskbar, it opens up the program, but it adds the open instance of EN to the right of the EN icon. So now there are two EN icons on my taskbar... Hope that makes sense...
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