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  1. I don't know why that should amaze you. Wordpress is designed for formatting text. That's like comparing MS Word or Excel to Evernote. Word & Excel are designed to format text or make spreadsheets. Evernote is designed to collect, organize & retrieve information. I think that being able to format my notes into intuitive and visually appealing documents (by being able to create more than just a rudimentary table, or grab the corner of a picture to make it smaller, as examples), helps me be better able to collect and organize that information better. The formatting options in OneNote keep calling me back to that platform. I don't want Evernote to be a desktop publishing client, but would love the application even more if I could create notes that weren't quite so ugly. I've listened to Phil Libin talk about Evernote being a 100 year company. I hope that I don't have to wait that long to have better formatting options in my notes. yeah I agree, I've been using Evernote since 2006 and we're not looking for full blown word type word processor functionality but every other app like this I've used lets me do something more flexibly with tables and isn't so full of bugginess when trying to enter lots of text and format it nice. So you end up doing all that stuff in other files and storing them in evernote, which then, although evernote sync is awesome, there are things designed for just that like google drive, dropbox, skydrive which can do that job well.
  2. don't like the thin scroll bars either, maybe if they contrasted more they would work but they slow down grabbing them with the mouse or figuring out where you are In fact now you mention it there's an irritating design inconsistency at least when I'm using on my netbook, the notebook scroll bar is like this the note list scroll bar (in list view) is like this: and the actual scroll bar in a long note is like this: oh I was going to show you but I can't see how to upload my screenshots. Any way the note one is is the thinnest and worst, the notebook one isn't too bad but the whole monochrome thing doesn't do anything for me and the note list one seems to be just like the last version.
  3. thanks shimra, that does work brilliantly didn't realise I was looking at the wrong version. thanks
  4. so shall i do factory reset and reinstall? or is there a less drastic solution you can recommend? thanks for you time, much appreciated
  5. thanks for the response. I've just sent it in. If you can suggest any testing I can do to identify the problem I'll do my best to help - I get paid for software testing so I don't mind having a go. It's particularly important for me to do this as neither browser (opera mobile or the built in one) displays the web front end of evernote right so I now have no way of viewing my notes on my phone which i used to have via the web front end on my old nokia. So anything you can do to improve this so close to being perfect product will be much appreciated
  6. every time I try to view a note (already there) on my android (htc wildfire os 2.1) i get Sorry! The application Evernote (process.com.evernote) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again. I don't have offline notebooks enabled. Seems to be the same for whatever sort of note. the evernote version is 87 (from the application info)
  7. I'm sure not everybody wants the same thing, but all this talk about rock solid unbreakable security is not the thing for me. If I wanted to be certain nobody could read something, I wouldn't put it into a computer at all. I'm sure somebody somewhere has the know how to break into this stuff, but I'm counting on the fact that I'm not that interesting or important enough for anybody to bother. But what I would like is to just have an extra layer so that when I'm careless, the people around me can't open my evernote databases without having to enter a password or something. It's just to stop the casual nosiness, not a determined NSA guy. If there's a password they'll get bored and move on, or realise is something I don't want them to see and respect that. Of course, the better thing to do is to have a steganographic feature where evernote opens with lots of interesting (auto generated by evernote from web clippings and so on that it knows are things you might be interested in) notes and only when you do something secret like double click the second word in the 37th note while holding down the control and the space keys do you get a password box that then reveals all your real private notes. Is that a possibility?
  8. Yes, this is the main thing I miss from Evernote 2. I just don't like the idea of storing sensitive stuff in a program that will just start up and display it without some extra security. I realise this may be not rock solid security in the file structure etc, but this is one of the main things that makes me uncomfortable about using evernote 3. What I'd like is to be able to say that a notebook is password protected so when start windows client you have to enter a password to see it in evernote; and also to be able to set whether it needs a password to restore the app from the task tray if if the password protected notebook is the one open. Don't need any extra security for the web client.
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