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  1. You could be right, but I'm hopeful something will click and they will implement something basic, as you say to stop prying eyes in the office. I use EN at work all the time, but it does have a lot of personal (to me) stuff that I wouldn't want the casual passer by looking at, they are my memories after all.
  2. Completely! So any chance of this making it's way to a dev team?
  3. I think the point is being missed here (for me at least), what we are asking is for basic security, so that when EN is opened fresh or opened from minimised, there is a way to ensure that notes stored in a speciic notebook are not able to be viewed straight away like they are now, and to have a password. So if you were to walk away from your computer, or if someone is looking over your shoulder, there is a step in between opening and viewing a specific notebook. I do appreciate your comments tho Dave, keep them coming, trying to provide a dialogue for the good of everyone is the way forward. I'm curious, this is getting to be quite a long thread, is it a case that what we ask just simply can not be developed? Thanks Paul
  4. I'd like the option too, especially now as I am using EN as my main repository
  5. I understand what you are saying David, however this doesn't really address my particular needs (not that i think they are moreimportant than anyone elses you understand, just to give opinion), I have now adopted Evernote fully into my life,i use it as my store for all things I want documented, I now I can get to my info using my iphone or online so i have started moving across everything i think would be usefulfor me to have to hand. In creating a secure/encrypted notebook I have a place to keep things which I need just that little extra security. I fully understandthat if this notebook is secured it's not goingto be indexed etc, but i would still have it to hand with all my other notes, otherwiseI may as well store my secure stuff in 1Password which give me similar functionality ie not indexed. In particular I am thinkingabout documents I use for work, I want to have them to hand, but I don't want to go through and encrypt tens, maybe hundreds of docs by hand. I do appreciate your comments tho, and offer this merely as clarification Paul
  6. I would really like to be able to set a password on a whole notebook, will this feature be added anytime soon? Thanks Paul
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