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  1. As much as I adore Evernote, I'm starting to think about looking for alternatives because of Evernote's lack of Markdown support. My life and most of my work live in Markdown, whether it's in drafts I write in Byword, Journal entries and daily logs in Day One or productivity tools like FoldingText. Evernote is where I keep notes on active and archived projects, reference information and clipped web-pages but I'm finding it increasingly frustrating that there's no good bridge for getting things in Markdown into Evernote easily and cleanly. My entire workflow would change if Evernote added Markdown support and it would instantly become the most used tool I use instead of being confined to specific areas that I don't need Markdown. With that said, I totally understand why Evernote wouldn't add Markdown support. The translation to and from ENML would probably be a pain to manage, it may be to specific to power users — particularly those on the Apple side — and might scare or confuse everyone else. Plus they probably want avoid making Evernote more needlessly complex.
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