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  1. Addendum to above post::

    The issue described above does not occur in the Chrome browser using: Evernote Web Clipper5.3.2

    Also: The Bookmarklet -- offered at:


    intended for browsers other than Chrome and Firefox does seem to work well in Firefox 12 so far even at that lower resolution.

    The options to clip full page or selected text show closer to center of the screen using the Bookmarklet.

    I do wish that Firefox add-on worked the same way.

    Thanks again:


  2. Hello:

    I use Evernote Web Clipper as an add-on for Firefox 12.

    My screen resolution is set at: 800x600. Much easier on the eyes that way...

    However, I now find I cant operate the Web Clipper because the options to clip selected text or full page arent viisble on the screen, even when I zoom out a lot. Those options are far to the right of the filed of screen visiblity.. When I raise the resolution, I can do the clipping, as those options enter the field.

    I have not had to do this in past versions of the Web Clipper. I was able to clip without altering anything. However, I can't say precisely when this issue began since i hadn't tried to clip anything for a few months.

    Generally, I found that in problematic situations such as this, zooming out so that more of the screen enters field of screen visibility allows such applications to function quite well even at this lower resolution. Or by going to full page view. However, in the case of the Web Clipper, those wrokarounds don't help.

    Is there a way that I can use the Web Clipper at the resolution I use for my PC (800X600) ?

    It's quite an annoyance to have to later screen resolution system-wide just do do one web clip.

    Thanks in advance:



    Windows XP Professional Edition SP3

    Evernote Web Clipper

  3. Hello:

    I can't seem to to delete an individual note in the new Evernote interface unless I zoom out: Thereby showing the EDIT, SHARE and DELETE buttons on the upper right hand corner. This is the case even though there's much space to the right of the NEW NOTE button at the upper right at 100% zoom. I don't think its simply a matter of needing more room to the right, as that space seems empty at Ctrl 0 Zoom.

    It's so clear in the older interface. Just put a check in the box and click on: Delete



    windows XP Pro SP3

    Evernote Clipper for the Web 4.0.0


    Firefox 4.0

  4. Hello nhejazi:

    Evernote for Web works well for me with Hebrew and Arabic. So I imagine it may work well in Farsi as well.

    The issue I noted back in 2009 about the thumbnails reading in the wrong direction still persists. It's as Dave Engberg explains in the June 15, 2009 post here. However, I haven't found this to be much of a setback, since the titles to the notes appear in the proper manner in those thumbnails.

    The notes themselves read just fine in both Arabic and in Hebrew. It goes much smoother with Firefox- probably because of that Evernote add-on which makes clipping quite easy. If you use the JavaScript "Clip to Evernote" tool in IE however, it won't work with those languages and yield illegible rectangles. At least on my PC, it does. So in IE copy and paste new note directly into Evernote.

    All in all, Firefox is the better browser in using Evernote for RTL languages. And for Evernote Web in general.

    Haven't tried the chrome extension for Evernote in those languages yet.

    Good luck:


  5. Hello:

    I find that : "Click to open in a new window"

    no longer works in Firefox 3.6 IF the Zone Alarm safe browsing Toolbar is enabled.

    When I disable this Zone Alarm toolbar add-on, the function works again

    In IE 7 , it works either way.

    Is this a know issue?

    Would you kindly look into this matter?

    Thanks in advance:



    Evernote Web Clipper

    Zone Alarm Security Suite

    Zone Alarm Toolbar 1.5

    Windows XP Professional Edition

    Firefox 3.6

    IE 7.0

  6. Hi there Serin:

    I just noticed the same thing. I disabled NoScript, and the EN bookmarklet clipped just fine. Same results as you reported when NoScript is enabled.

    Fortunately, the NoScript extension is updated very frequently, so perhaps if the author is apprised of this conflict it can be made compatible. Or perhaps Evernote can revise it on their end?

    There's a note from the NoScript author about this at the NoScript forum:


    It reads:

    "The Evernote bookmarklet cannot work because of the way it's written.

    However the Evernote extension will work because NoScript contains specific work-arounds for that."

    So it seems Mr Maone is aware of this. But that involved an earlier version of NoScript from back in May: NoScript Oddly enough, it seemed to work with that bookmarklet for me back then.

    Anyhow, thanks for pointing this out.


  7. Do you only see this problem when you try to edit a clipped note from the web, or do you see this for every note?

    What operating system are you using?

    Thanks for the report


    Hi again:

    It's been somewhat quirky and quite variable over the past day or so. I can now do some editing in both clipped and created notes. Bold, italic and underline don't always hold. Having better luck with adding/removing tags now. Sometimes works, sometimes doesn't. As of this posting, I can no longer add tags. An hour ago , I was able to.

    There's been some change recently in the EN editing process. When a change is made a red note appears stating : "Saving Changes: Close". The screen then goes black for a few seconds. Seems the changes are saved then. This doesn't always happen though. And when it doesn't, apparently the changes aren't saved.

    Occasionally, during editing, I get the following error message, which I cannot interpret:


    "Unknown exception (com.google.gwt.core.client.JavaScriptException: (NS_ERROR_DOM_NOT_SUPPORTED_ERR): Operation is not supported code: 9 INDEX_SIZE_ERR: 1 DOMSTRING_SIZE_ERR: 2 HIERARCHY_REQUEST_ERR: 3 WRONG_DOCUMENT_ERR: 4 INVALID_CHARACTER_ERR: 5 NO_DATA_ALLOWED_ERR: 6 NO_MODIFICATION_ALLOWED_ERR: 7 NOT_FOUND_ERR: 8 NOT_SUPPORTED_ERR: 9 INUSE_ATTRIBUTE_ERR: 10 INVALID_STATE_ERR: 11 SYNTAX_ERR: 12 INVALID_MODIFICATION_ERR: 13 NAMESPACE_ERR: 14 INVALID_ACCESS_ERR: 15 VALIDATION_ERR: 16 TYPE_MISMATCH_ERR: 17 result: 2152923145 filename: xxxxx lineNumber: 3911 columnNumber: 0 inner: null data: null) during operation (Unknown).


    The above may or may not be relevant to this issue.

    I use only the EN Firefox extension, not the bookmarklet, which has become quite problematic lately. As I've read in another thread here.

    [EN in IE 7 probably won't work without that bookmarklet?]

    Furthermore, I can do no editing whatsoever in :

    "Click to view note in new window"

    I can view the note there, make the changes , but those aren't saved. Regardless of whether the note is created by me or clipped from the web. Since this is how I normally edit my notes, this is a major inconvenience for me.

    This is the best I can do in terms of describing this issue at the present moment. Seems some functionality in Edit has returned, but as I said above, it's rather quirky.

    Thanks for looking into this matter:



    Windows XP Professional Edition SP3

    Firefox 3.5

    Evernote Web Clipper

    Zone Alarm Security Suite 7.0.483.000

  8. Hello:

    I'm using the latest version of Evernote Firefox add-on:

    Evernote Web Clipper

    No changes made in a clipped note via that extension are saved when editing . This is the case when editing the note is done either in the original window or in: "Click to View Note in a New Window".

    Nor can any tags be added or removed form a note via Edit.

    I'm also unable to create any new notes at the Evernote Web User Interface.

    Changes are not saved.

    Thanks in advance:



    Windows XP Professional Edition SP3

    Firefox 3.5

    Evernote Web Clipper

  9. Hello mindgames:

    Evernote for Web doesn't work properly for me when clipping Arabic text via Internet Explorer. Not just in thumbnails, but in the notes themselves. I see nothing but rectangles for many such clippings.

    It works fine however with Firefox. However, I do notice that reversal of the word order in the thumbnails you posted about. Odd that the words themselves are in the proper direction internally, but word order in thumbnails is reversed . The notes themselves are fine -when clipped via Firefox.

    I had posted about something like this with regard to Hebrew. I notice a similar pattern when I work with Arabic. I hadn't at the time looked at the thumbnails though. But I now see the same problem in Hebrew. Word order reversed in thumbnails, but proper RTL order in the notes themselves.


    I too am hoping for better support for RTL Languages. Hope some of these observations may be of assistance in developing this.


  10. Hello:

    Using Evernote Web Clipper:

    As of today, notes remain in "loading" stage, and remain so indefinitely.

    Error message reads:

    "Could not complete operation" (Find note counts): Internal Error. Close

    When I do close. The spinning glass saying loading continues doing so.

    Kindly advise:


    Windows XP Professional Edition SP3

    Firefox 3.0.10

    Evernote Web Clipper:

  11. Thanks David:

    I am able to add a note manually , save it . And edit that new note.

    However, I am unable to edit notes of material clipped from the browser. I can add my own material to such a note. But cannot edit the clipped material itself. Such as making some paragraphs bold or highlighting it using colors from drop-down menu.

    It doesn't seem to matter where the note is clipped from.

    I just tried to clipping part of this page:

    Clipped from:


    and then making a few lines either bold or altering the color. I clicked: Save Changes. But on re-accessing that note, those changes weren't saved.

    Making some sections of clipped content bold , or altering the color, was something I frequently did to highlight portions of clipped material. Worked fine till quite recently.


  12. Hello:

    When I try to edit a note in Firefox 3.0.10, the changes aren't saved.

    I'm using the Evernote Firefox Extension:

    Evernote Web Clipper

    This happens both when editing the note directly or when editing the note when I view the note in a new window.

    Seems I can edit these notes in IE 7, but I rarely use that browser. Only some of the changes made via IE are saved when I reopen Firefox.

    Thanks in advance:


    Windows XP Professional Edition SP3

    Evernote Firefox Extension:

    Firefox 3.0.10

  13. Hi again:

    Only way I could get that area larger is by going to Full Screen mode via F11 key. Or by hiding all toolbars.

    There's a little x on the upper right side of that green square. Shouldn't clicking on that remove the ad box? It doesn't, and clicking on that x merely brings up another ad to subscribe to premium. Might that simply be a glitch in the UI?

    PS: This is now frequently happening in Firefox as well, though not all the time, as it is in IE 7. That green box is blocking the entire organizer panel on the left so that the scrollbar is not at all visible. Can the EN ad be lowered a bit, so that the functionality of the scrollbar is restored without going into Full Screen mode all the time?

    Attached: View of EN Organizer Panel in Firefox 3.0.7

    Thanks in advance:



  14. Hi Dave:

    I can only get the kind of scrollbar such as the one you showed above to show up on my screen when I go into full-screen mode by pressing F11 key. Or if I zoom out to less than 50%. It appears far more "squashed in" and "scrunched up" on my screen than on yours, as you can see. I can't really scroll within that tiny range which does show.

    There isn't such an ad in that navigation panel in Firefox. Therefore, the scrollbar you describe is quite functional in that browser.

    Sorry if the attachment file here is a bit awkward, but I couldn't get it to post as a .bmp file.




  15. Hello:

    As of today, I find a green box advertisement--or other messages-- from Evernote to be blocking the Tags in the left column of the Evernote UI in IE7. There's a little x on the upper right corner of the ad, but when I click on it to close that box, it remains. Instead, a prompt to Upgrade to Premium appears and covers the remainder of the UI.

    I find this to be persistent in the IE7 browser, but not in Firefox 3.0.6.

    I do not at all mind getting advertisements from Evernote, but the one described above makes me unable to use it in a functional manner.

    Thanks in advance:


    Windows XP Professional Edition SP3

    Internet Explorer 7.0

    Firefox 3.0.6

    Evernote Firefox Extension:

  16. Hello:

    That little green square with the small arrow in it at the upper right corner of an Evernote page which says: "Click to View Note in New Window" persistently draws up a blank page. A new window comes up , but it has nothing on it.

    This is the case in both Firefox 3.0.5 and in IE 7.0. And happens in Safe Mode as well.

    Suggestions as to how to correct this?

    Thanks in advance:


    Windows XP Professional Edition SP3

    Friefox 3.0.6

    IE 7.0

  17. Hi:

    My OS is Windows XP Professional Edition SP3.

    Browser: Firefox: 3.0.6

    Evernote Web Clipper : Firefox Extension: 3..0.0.127

    I've been seeing this message consistently. I believe I've been using Evernote for about 10 days now. I had initially installed the software Evernote And synchronized it with the web-based version. There were some errors then, and it was simply using too much resources. So I uninstalled the Evernote software. I recall I did a lot of deletions after uninstalling . I found it much more functional to use the web based Evernote.

    I've been seeing that error message since the above switch-over. There's a little red underlined label next to the error message saying :"Close". I click on it and the message goes away.

    Other than that, the Evernote for the web seems to be functioning as expected.


  18. Hello again:

    Whenever I open Evernote console, I get the following in red , with an exclamation point preceding it:

    ! Could not load note; it has been deleted

    When I try deleting it again by opening to view in new window, I get the following:

    Could not complete operation (Expunge notes): Not found

    The entry itself is blank, with neither content nor tags.

    What is causing this, and how can can I get rid of this entry?

    Thanks in advance:


    Firefox 3.0.6

    Evernote Web Clipper 3.0.127

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