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  1. Addendum to above post:: The issue described above does not occur in the Chrome browser using: Evernote Web Clipper5.3.2 Also: The Bookmarklet -- offered at: http://evernote.com/webclipper/# intended for browsers other than Chrome and Firefox does seem to work well in Firefox 12 so far even at that lower resolution. The options to clip full page or selected text show closer to center of the screen using the Bookmarklet. I do wish that Firefox add-on worked the same way. Thanks again: -Eliuri
  2. Hello: I use Evernote Web Clipper as an add-on for Firefox 12. My screen resolution is set at: 800x600. Much easier on the eyes that way... However, I now find I cant operate the Web Clipper because the options to clip selected text or full page arent viisble on the screen, even when I zoom out a lot. Those options are far to the right of the filed of screen visiblity.. When I raise the resolution, I can do the clipping, as those options enter the field. I have not had to do this in past versions of the Web Clipper. I was able to clip without altering anything. However, I can't say precisely when this issue began since i hadn't tried to clip anything for a few months. Generally, I found that in problematic situations such as this, zooming out so that more of the screen enters field of screen visibility allows such applications to function quite well even at this lower resolution. Or by going to full page view. However, in the case of the Web Clipper, those wrokarounds don't help. Is there a way that I can use the Web Clipper at the resolution I use for my PC (800X600) ? It's quite an annoyance to have to later screen resolution system-wide just do do one web clip. Thanks in advance: -Eliuri ========== Windows XP Professional Edition SP3 Evernote Web Clipper
  3. Hi again, David: The RTL problem was notable in Evernote 3.0 for Windows. It clipped the Hebrew,but the word order was LTR. With IE7 , it's more than a directional issue. It didnt even clip the Hebrew fonts properly. it rendered either stars or blank boxes, as in that sample above. I use Firefox more often that IE 7, so for the meantime, it seems to be working out fine. It actually became easier for multilingual notekeeping after I uninstalled the 3.0 Windows version, and began using Evernote's web interface. I really like this program, so I'm hoping it expands its capabilities for various langauges. -Eliuri
  4. Hello: I can't seem to clip Hebrew text using IE7 . Here's what i get when I try it in Internet Explorer 7: ����� ����������, ������������ ����� Using Firefox, Evernote shows this: אָכֵן מְיֻדָּעִי, זְנַחְתַּנִי מְאֹד עַד כִּי קְרָאתִיךָ: אֲבִי זָנוֹחַ. Is there a way to get this to get Evernote to work in IE 7 as well? I'm crossing over from Google Notebook to Evernote. Hebrew works perfectly fine in Google Notebook with either browser. Suggestions? Thanks in advance: -Eliuri Windows XP Pro IE7 Firefox 3.0.5
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