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  1. wow! I can't believe there still is no solution to this. Evernote is slower when bloated but Manually searching through thousands of documents for duplicates will take weeks. Since there's no "rules" option for automatic sorting - it's no picnic sorting through hundreds documents scanned into Evernote. I guess it's better than having them in the attic. I don't have to go up those wiggly stairs.
  2. Me too! With so many notes, documents and more in Evernote manualI organizing takes too much time. Even apply tags takes too much time. I can't believe there's no way to find duplicates other than manually searching. Evernote is a great place to dump everything but no so much for easy organizing.
  3. I agree. There are a multitude of services and options available for video storage, including personal cloud solutions. Heck, you can even upload your videos to youtube and make them private if you really want to. Evernote's strength lies in document storage. It's the ONLY service of it's kind for a digital filing cabinet. It's a God send for creative writers where OCR is a salvation. I too have lots of videos but there are better places to store them. Mass storage of videos is a waste of precious Evernote capabilities. If it ain't broke.... So many times folks "improve" (aka worry about matching competitors), they lose the unique feature that set them apart. The mark of a great painter is knowing when to put down the brush.
  4. I think what you are looking for is this service called Inqloud! It meets my needs of forwarding emails from gmail to particular evernote notebooks, along with the tags.... I have been using it for months now and havn't had the need to look anywhere else again (IFTTT/Zapier/Blah Blah Blah)! It is simply flawless Thank you Anubha!! I'm a creative writer and the only scripts I write are for TV, not computer. For me, it's well worth $1.66 a month to keep thousands of documents automatically filed. $20 a year to save the huge PITA of weeding forwarding receipts and confirmation eMails. Thanks for the recommendation!
  5. Another AMEN to this request. As a self employed writer I must keep years of documents and receipts. Scanning to Evernote and sorting after is the first practical solution I've found for getting them to cloud and DVD backup BUT If I sort into groups by month before scanning, projects that span years (which should be together) will be buried. Manually sorting by projects that span years would be a nightmare, take 24/7 for a month and make Evernote no more useful than any other scan software. Without an Evernote split feature, I will have to spend weeks opening the scans in pdf and manually separating them. UGH! My 2 cents (sense) Thanks!
  6. RE Evernote 5.0.7 for Mac & OSX 10.8 Hello, I love Evernote and am a premium subscriber because it is wonderful for storing documents. It's also almost as difficult as iPhoto to keep organized. I'm constantly trying to learn how to simplify organization of Evernote and organize the documents. I realize @ and # can be used for emailed documents but for batches of scanned documents, that's takes too long. I'm usually just trying to get the documents into Evernote so I can shred them, knowing I can organize later. To do that, I need search results to include a column for notebooks. Otherwise, how do I know where the documents are currently filed? Many went to the default "INBOX" but over the years others have been filed elsewhere and I need to know where (what notebook). Search results show everything BUT notebooks. I use list or snippet views. (To me, card views are inefficient for locating documents.) Search results show a window with columns named - "Tags" "Title" "Size" "Synchronization Status" - and two columns I wish I could remove - "Created" & "Updated" (Receipts and bills already contain dates in the body or title.) I know how to click the "Notebook" icon in the sidebar to bring up a window of notebooks in card view (with no way to get a list view). That's not helpful organizing. It looks pretty but not very useful. HOW do I add a Notebook column for search results? Thank You For Your Help (I hope). P.S. I did try to find before posting. I have spent hours, searching the web and forums unsuccessfully.
  7. Adding my 2 cents to the fact that I've been a premier user since they offered it, I never even came close to my quota. I was forwarding Internet receipts to my evernote email address. No problem. I began to photograph receipts with my iPhone and send to Evernote (we're talking maybe 30 receipts max). All of a sudden, my use ballooned so much, I couldn't even use my account. There is some kind of breakdown in communication. First, the usage quota is very confusing. It's like the APR on a credit card. You know there are rules but can't really monitor them. Unlike, dropbox or other storage places where it's by the GB and easy to monitor. Second, since apparently it's not just uploading but editing, naming and filing documents after the upload that uses our monthly allotment (bandwidth?) there must be some way to use Evernote's online filing without using bandwidth every time you rename or refile a document. If we have to keep everything in local folders, doesn't that defeat the entire purpose of Evernote? I looked at Evernote for Dummies but even that didn't address the problem of how to figure out how much what you want to do will use of your allotment. again, just my 2 cents
  8. I had the larger ScanSnap but traded it in for the smaller S1300 because - I realized my old HP Photosmart AIO device has an auto doc feeder and will scan to a usb stick. It's very fast and I can scan large batches or one receipt. I leave the usb stick in the HP AIO and when I have time, just move the usb stick to my MacBook Pro and copy the files. I haven't figured out whether it's worth using OCR software or to just drop them into Evernote's and use it's OCR (advice appreciated) but at least the files are scanned, easy and FAST and I can shred the darned paper. My problem is organizing them. (again, advice appreciated) I find that tagging takes longer than scanning and is easily confusing. Why no SUB FOLDERS? With tagging, If I forget to capitalize the first letter I've got an entirely different tag group. SO time consuming! Without Evernote sub-folders I'm forced to choose between 3,000 separate notebooks or 3,000 receipts in the same folder. Maybe Evernote isn't meant to be a long term digital filing cabinet. If not, I sure wish I could find one.
  9. I get the dreaded "Unnamed File Attachment" for email receipts which I forward to my evernote email address. The TextEdit "attachment" is all but unreadable unless I laboriously remove all the html to find the text. I hope this is a bug because it's sure inconvenient;
  10. Would you mind sharing how your getting email of documents to work? Emails forwarded to my evernote email address show up in the database but the info is lost. The heading and subject are correct but the body of the email will not open and is labeled as "Unnamed File Attachment". One thread said manual copy and paste is the only solution. If so, I paid for a premium account for nothing because I'm definitely not going to be manually cutting and pasting the body of hundreds of emails. Are you doing anything more than simply forwarding the email? Posts: 7 Joined: Fri Jan 30, 2009 7:34 pm
  11. I second (or third) that request. I have many receipts for software I've purchased over the years which I'd like to store in evernote. I tried forwarding them to my evernote email address but though they do show up in the database, the info is lost. The heading and subject are correct but the body of the email will not open and is labeled as "Unnamed File Attachment". I got a premium account, intending to use evernote as the ultimate document file cabinet. If manual copy and paste is the only solution, I guess I a free account is good enough because I'm definitely not going to be doing that for hundreds of emails. Isn't this what the evernote email address is for? (using Evernote for Mac 1.8.0 )
  12. I can not get evernote to recognize emails forwarded to my evernote email address. I have a premium acct and am trying to transfer years of email receipts for software purchases. Evernote receives them but stores them as "Unnamed File Attachment". I never seem to get any documents, dragged or emailed stored in pdf format. As said, I have a premium acct and am running Mac Evernote v 1.80 (79077). Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.
  13. A week into my iPad ownership and it's better than even I had hoped. The announcement of system 4.0 with multitasking and app folders has really made my day but still wanting handwriting recognition, I found two GREAT solutions that I thought someone else might want to try. Dragon Dictation for iPhone and iPad - (converts voice to text almost flawlessly and fast!). http://iphone.dragonmobileapps.com/appl ... video.html and WritePad for iPhone OR iPad (converts handwriting to text almost flawlessly and fast!) http://www.phatware.com/index.php?q=pro ... s/writepad
  14. Thanks for the link but the keyboard is a better input solution for text when sitting at the computer. Third party tablet devices are handy for graphics but integrated handwriting recognition is needed for portability. The keyboard on iPhone is (for me) about as good as a phone keyboard gets but it can't compete with handwriting on such a small device. I make do with audio recording and transposing later, as well as two FABULOUS apps - Dragon Dictation for iPhone and iPad - (converts voice to text almost flawlessly and fast!). http://iphone.dragonmobileapps.com/appl ... video.html and WritePad for iPhone OR iPad (converts handwriting to text almost flawlessly and fast!) http://www.phatware.com/index.php?q=pro ... s/writepad The good news is that multitasking is on the horizon in iPhone 4.0, making the need for an "all in one" app less. Thanks. ...now if I could just find a way to get evernote to recognize the emails I forward, I'll be sorted out... on to another topic search for that.
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