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  1. Me too! With so many notes, documents and more in Evernote manualI organizing takes too much time. Even apply tags takes too much time. I can't believe there's no way to find duplicates other than manually searching. Evernote is a great place to dump everything but no so much for easy organizing.
  2. Thanks for the link but the keyboard is a better input solution for text when sitting at the computer. Third party tablet devices are handy for graphics but integrated handwriting recognition is needed for portability. The keyboard on iPhone is (for me) about as good as a phone keyboard gets but it can't compete with handwriting on such a small device. I make do with audio recording and transposing later, as well as two FABULOUS apps - Dragon Dictation for iPhone and iPad - (converts voice to text almost flawlessly and fast!). http://iphone.dragonmobileapps.com/appl ... video.html and WritePad for iPhone OR iPad (converts handwriting to text almost flawlessly and fast!) http://www.phatware.com/index.php?q=pro ... s/writepad The good news is that multitasking is on the horizon in iPhone 4.0, making the need for an "all in one" app less. Thanks. ...now if I could just find a way to get evernote to recognize the emails I forward, I'll be sorted out... on to another topic search for that.
  3. My 2 cents. Words of a wiser (richer) man than me "Find a vacancy in the market and fill it". Text editing and styling means nothing compared to handwriting recognition! There is a vacancy, there's no competiton, Apple's existing INK technology exists so I'm perplexed that companies don't realize the value of this (but then most didn't see the iPhone coming either, now they're scrambling to imitate). Maybe make handwriting exclusively available as part of a "premium" Evernote membership. Mac users have always been willing to pay for quality. People will wait on the other tweaks and updates (I personally don't even see the difference in most of them). Have you read the statistics on the iPad sales? And this is for a first generation product that even buyers realize will probably be ugraded within a year. We don't care! Doesn't that tell you something? There are netbooks and graphic tablets with "better text editing and styling". We don't care! The millions of dollars spent on iPads are coming from the same people who will pay more millions for handwriting recognition. It's as if the money is just sitting there and companies are too blind to pick it up. Evernote is a wonderful filing cabinet but not the ONLY service of it's kind. The first company to implement Handwriting recognition for Mac (primarily iPad and iPhone) - is going to be THE company - period - and it'll be overnight, leaving all other services scrambling to woo customers back.
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