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  1. I am not sure I have ever used text recognition of images...

    There are more important things. Evernote is not doing well as keeping up with competitors, let alone pioneering (as it once did). This spells decline, in today's fast moving world.

    There are lot of votes aggregating, for important features. No sign of implementation. Previously loyal users will find solutions elsewhere, in this climate.

  2. On 6/11/2018 at 7:00 PM, Dgldy said:


    The lack of this feature is literally the single driving factor for me to switch to Workflowy

    For me it is Outlinely. I would rather stay in Evernote, but at times I need to collapse/expand, for example, speaking notes. There are other ways to achieve this e.g. jump anchors, but this request has 'matured' without response from Evernote for more than five years...

  3. Bore da, Gazumped, from just over the border!

    I do use TOC notes sometimes, and it works well when it works, if you see what I mean. When standing in front of people I will always prefer to stay in one app and not at the mercy of wifi or internet or any complication.

    However, my main point is about Evernote sustaining its development (this discussion has run five years!) and Evernote being aware of people's experience of competing applications and their rising expectations. 'Connectedness' has become a key value.

    I am not a developer, but I would imagine that bookmarks and anchors would be quite straightforward, working from a x(h)tml base.

  4. Thanks, DTLow, and I agree with your strategy. For many situations... But I keep coming back to wanting jump links in Evernote and not having to swap between applications.

    I think Evernote needs to be aware of the shift in expectations of users who will now be familiar with navigation in OneNote, Notion, Dropbox Paper,  ZohoWriter as well as the heavyweights MS Word, Apple Pages, Google Docs etc. 

    Evernote must adapt and move on, or it will wake up and discover that its user base has moved on...

  5. Having got used to using jump links to navigate in a variety of docs and notes, it is hard to put up with Evernote's limitation. Increasingly I am having to rely on Evernote's competitors which all seem to do jump link/bookmark navigation rather well. So it can't be difficult to implement.

    I feel this is now a necessity that has grown out of more attention to workflow, rather than a 'desirable feature'.


  6. I need navigation within long notes.

    The concept of navigation and anchors within a note sits well with bookmarks, which have wider applications.

    I am posting this within iOS Evernote because navigation is especially needed when working with a small mobile device – and often in a fluid situation rather than deskbound.

  7. I also need callback-type links (not the slower http type that rely on internet).


    DTLow said:


    If you paste the link into another note, the classic link is pasted.  If you sync, then long press on the link, you are presented with a menu to copy the classic link

    I couldn't make this work on my iOS -- is the advice still current? Could you give a bit more detail?

  8. +1 from me. I absolutely rely on ToC/bookmark navigation within notes for speaking assignments and teaching resources. 

    The workaround using many separate notes and a table of contents note might work for some people. For me, it isn't a solution.

    Fortunately, jump links are becoming general in other apps e.g. Word, OneNote, Google Docs + Keep, Zoho Writer, Notion, Dropbox Paper, iWriter etc.

    I'd like to use Evernote as more than a digital filing cabinet. This is a limitation. I would urge Evernote to catch up with the field – and even better, innovate for a change!

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  9. OK, I can copy the internal link, or copy/paste an external URL link address. 

    However, they tend to be long e.g.


    Nobody wants that taking up three lines in a note, or a big chunk of a mobile device screen.

    I'm sure in 'historic Evernote' I used to be able to set the name of the link e.g. 'GDoc 3x134'. I don't want to edit the actual URL, just name it sensibly.

  10. Yes, sure, but the public link method seems to cause problems. I sent one to my wife, who has Evernote installed in her iPad, iOS11. The Evernote app generates a message saying she had to subscribe to see it. The browser sends her back to the app, which doesn't open the note.

    She is probably not going to become a dedicated Evernote user at this point. She says it is too much hassle.


  11. I need a foolproof way of sharing notes with clients who are probably not Evernote users and may use Mac, Windows, Android phone or iOS without  being very techie.

    My attempts to share notes (over the years) always run into problems -- generally the recipient can't see the note, or finds it too much hassle to open it.

    I have tried most ways of sending links to  Evernotes and having public shared notebooks.

    Is there a FOOLPROOF way of sharing so that any recipient with a browser can read the note?

  12. I am finding sharing notes difficult for some reason.

    To send a shareable link, I have to copy it from the dialogue and email it separately, for some reason.

    Having tested the link that arrives, it opens for me fine in iOS, but not in MacOS. I get a blank Google search page.

    A good reason to use Evernote is easy sharing of notes.

    A good reason not to use Evernote is if sharing notes is unreliable. Cannot afford for client to have ANY difficulty with a share...

    Any wisdom or suggestions on this?

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