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  1. Same behavior, at startup Evernote 10.17.6 shows green spinner in the foreground for 20-30s before I can interact with the note in focus. I am Evernote Plus. This feels suspiciously similar to the View Only bug on Android they just fixed, i.e. the app has to do 20s of work to the local DB before it lets you do anything. Except in this case you can't even look at notes.
  2. Confirming the update fixes the issue completely on my Android. Thanks!
  3. Thanks Austin. The issue seems to be if Evernote hasn't been run recently it takes a while (30s?) to be 'ready' to accept edits. Until then everything opens in View Only. This is really bad for 'I'll just take a quick note' since I expect no delay.
  4. This is so useful, thank you! Another tip: If a note is causing an error, you don't have to delete it. I made a random edit (added a linebreak at the end) and re-synced, and now the notebook exports. Thanks.
  5. Ah cool. I guess it's Chrome on ChromeOS that's still having the problem then.
  6. Well - not so good news. As of today it's gone back to the old behaviour. Without release notes it's difficult to know what happened.
  7. This is now fixed and working! Editing text notes is no longer painful! Thank you Evernote team. I also hope you get your communication sorted out, e.g. publishing release notes to let us know stuff like this.
  8. I use the web editor every day and I still can't delete a word with Ctrl-Backspace (although I can when editing a title). Look forward to seeing this fixed!
  9. > Hi @PeEllAvaj - we put a fix in for this a while ago. Hmm, I don't see it mentioned in the Web Release Notes. Was the fix tested on Chrome? That's 72% of your users. http://www.w3schools.com/browsers/browsers_stats.asp Thanks.
  10. Fascinating fact - if you're editing the note's Title (green text), Ctrl-Backspace works! It's only in the note body that it doesn't. So seems like an oversight. Thanks.
  11. Chrome, latest (51.0.2704.106). Reproduced on Ubuntu 16 and also on ChromeOS.
  12. People like me who use keyboards a lot are accustomed to Ctrl-Backspace, 'Delete whole word'. It works in this forum's text editor, for example. New Beta web editor doesn't have it - Ctrl is ignored and you just get a Backspace. Support keyboard users! : ) Thanks.
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