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  1. This misses the point: in the Windows Evernote application, you can make the display size larger or smaller by clicking on an image, and using the resize tool that appears (the blue rectangle: the square in the lower right corner is draggable): No tables are required for this. However, @lisec wants the ability to make the image file size smaller, which in the Windows application (checks the forum, yep, Windows Requests) cannot be done without using an external tool. Using the tables trick does not solve this.
  2. This feels like it might be something you can fix in Faststone : what format are you saving to? If it's JPG or some other compressible format, then maybe you can configure its compression. Like @CalS, I use the Evernote clipper for my screen clipping in Windows. It's secretly configurable (via registry entryL https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/26123-archived-screenshots-in-jpg/?tab=comments#comment-139638) to use JPG or other format, rather the default of PNG. Compression is not configurable, as far as I know.
  3. If you want to know what's on their frontlog, then you should probably check out the Behind the Scenes series of videos, and also look for posts by @Ian Small
  4. Typically this results from searching in a notebook/stack context that doesn't contain all matches for your search. It's showing you notes from that context, which is nice if you specifically want to search that context. The fact that it offers up suggestions as to other places to find matches is nice as well. If you want to start with All Notes, you have to select it first, or start your search using the F6 shortcut, which selects All Notes, then puts the cursor in the search box. Means exactly what it says: it's matching words starting with "dogs", so "dogs" would matchm, as well as
  5. None of this helps @lisec, who already knows an external editor can be used (e.g. MS Paint, Batteries IncludedTM), and wants a simple control in Evernote, or at least one added to the included Evernote image annotater. Obviously, there's no way to do batch processing in this use case (i.e., using the Windows client), so not sure why that's relevant here.
  6. What is the app type in this case. I just moved your post for the web client to the web client requests forum...
  7. It's not uncommon to have Ctrl+Shift+<key> shortcuts these days -- wondering whether that's a factor here...
  8. Mod: merging to relevant topic (kudos to @DTLow who found it before I got around to it myself)
  9. No, not in Evernote at this time.
  10. Moving to a request forum, so go ahead and vote, y'all...
  11. Export to Evernote format (https://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/enml.php) for starters, so it's in text. Good luck with the regex, though. Not the best tool for parsing XML...
  12. The backup advice is good. But deleting unused tags is a way different operation than repairing a database, I'd guess the former is pretty safe, but backup anyways, because we should be doing that anyways.
  13. In addition to what @gazumped and @dconnet said, a little different take is that "All Notes" is always available in the left panel, even if the left panel is minimized. And the keyboard shortcut Shift+F6 always works as well.
  14. OK, on Windows, I can right-click on an image, and get options to rotate clockwise or counterclockwise on the context menu. On Android, I long-press on the image, I get a menu that has "Annotate.." on it, select that, and I can rotate there as well. Perhaps there's something similar in the Mac/iOS world. OK, a web search on "evernote rotate images mac ios" turned up: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209005057-How-to-rotate-and-resize-images-inside-a-note
  15. No phone support at the moment ( See https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us. You can also tweet at https://twitter.com/evernotehelps?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author
  16. You should be able to bring it up in an image editor, depending on which Evernote client you are using (WIndows, Mac, Android, iOS, web). Specify that, and someone whould be able to help you better.
  17. Might be a point size vs pixel size thingy. https://graphicdesign.stackexchange.com/questions/199/point-vs-pixel-what-is-the-difference
  18. I think the only way to do something this with the Evernote editor would be to use tables.
  19. Please link to comment you are referencing. Don't leave us guessing. Merging this with the longer "dark mode for Windows" request...
  20. Maybe it just means that les cuisses de grenouille, er, frog legs are back on le menu. (Thanks, High School French class!)
  21. Do you mean add / delete new rows or columns? To add a new row, go to the top of the table, and look for a little gray dot: Hover your mouse over the dot, and you should see a '+'. Click on it to add a new column. Similarly to add a new row, the gray dots are on the left edge of the table. You can also add a new row by going to the last cell (bottom/right); at the end of any text in that cell, pressing Tab will add a new row below. Deleting rows / columns: click in a cell, and you should see a little triangle at its top right: click on it, and you get a dropdown men that allows you to del
  22. If you look and read for posts by @dcon and @dconnet (the same person, an ex-Evernote developer) in this topic, you will find out wy it is difficult to implement on native Windows applications.
  23. Is this for the Evernote Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, or Web application? If you have seen this request posted elsewhere, then best practices suggest that you add your comments to that post (and add your vote if it's in a feature request forum), rather than creating new forum topics.
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