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  1. I see this working in (88745) : it found my '@' prefixed tags no problem. I might have to change the '@'s to '_', but my brain balks at that, since '_' prefixed identifiers are reserved in C++ for the implementation (i.e. verboten for developers). ~Jeff
  2. Exactly as it should be. My work here is done. ~Jeff
  3. I envision the whirring & whining of the steam turbines... clouds of smoke belching from Evernote Central... the walls creak and groan under the new strains and stresses... the sounds of whips cracking, and heads knocking together... and finally, from atop the tall central tower, a deep booming voice, laden with Doom... "I am Dave, the Great and Powerful... hear me, and fear me!" ~Jeff
  4. According to your post of 1/13/2010 in this forum, you already seemed to realize that at least one desktop client operates in the way you want, whereas the Touch client does not. Despite the fact that you never got a reply from Evernote, it's not clear to me how that makes this a topic for general discussion about Evernote (whether question or suggestion). I wouldn't worry about not having gotten Evernote feedback, they do read them all, I'm sure; they just don't answer them all, and I'd doubt it's anything related to reasonableness or validity of your issue. I'm guessing that Evernote probably has something like that capability in mind for all clients, but they're not on the same timetable for rollout -- it all depends on the usual stuff: priorities and resources. ~Jeff
  5. I'm thinking that you don't want Evernote software associated with rats. It's ripe for photoshopping the image into a rat-like countenance, too. [+1 for the clever suggestion, though] ~Jeff
  6. If this is an iTouch-specific issue, then you should probably be posting in the correct forum: http://forum.evernote.com/phpbb/viewforum.php?f=45. That being said, it will be read by Evernote staff regardless of where it's posted, but posting in the correct forum makes it easier for iTouch users to find, in case others want to comment. ~Jeff
  7. Sounds like someone's having a case of the Mondays. ~Jeff
  8. Naw, names aren't limiting; they're just names (see also Wm. Shakespeare, Gertrude Stein)... I had seen the unicorn meat issue too. Ridiculous. Up hereabouts in Maine, a few years back, there was a campaign to promote lobster as "the ultimate white meat'. Of course, the pork producers protested, and it became a federal case. *sigh* ~Jeff
  9. Can we agree not to call it Dumbo? ~Jeff (Good elephant, but unflattering name and probably registered trademark of Disney)
  10. I'm guessing that this won't be possible until Evernote gets rich text editing on the iPad: http://forum.evernote.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=45&t=16853&start=0&hilit=ipad+rich ~Jeff
  11. http://blog.evernote.com/2010/06/24/evernote-turns-two/ Two years in the public eye? Congratulations, and best wishes! ~Jeff
  12. But can't the boss crunch his own numbers? . . . Oh, wait... (just kidding) ~Jeff BTW, I hope that you're trying to keep some of your weekends to yourselves -- I mean, I understand the dynamic, but at this point, I like to have time for myself, too.
  13. Yes. They have Android developers. Dave Engberg is the CTO -- he doesn't fix Android bugs (as far as I know). Yes, particularly since a bug was filed. Notice that that says nothing about the bug's priority or any schedule for release. Dave E will likely chime in from the West Coast, as some point. ~Jeff
  14. I don't understand why this statistic would be shocking to anyone. Evernote has a large number of users (3 million+), not all of whom are as enthusiastic as some of the folks here. Some of the users are probably just kicking the tires, so to speak, and some are just not that much in need of note taking/clipping capabilities. Doesn't surprise me in the least. I'm speaking as someone who uses Evernote every day, in my own idiosyncratic way, but only have 340 or so total notes to date. Besides, an average is a pretty limited statistic -- seeing the curve of usage (notes/day by number of users) would be far more interesting. ~Jeff
  15. I don't think that you can do what you want in Evernote. You can only share at notebook granularity, not at note granularity. It sounds like you'll have to work out some kind of paired notebook scheme: e.g. PurpleStripe_Employee / PurpleStripe_Boss (two notebooks for your company), and CompanyXYZ_Client / CompanyXYZ_Internal (two notebooks for company XYZ), etc. I don't think that there's an easy way to duplicate a note at this time, either. ~Jeff
  16. Hey, it was Sunday, and you were also in the forums posting. Nothing wrong with a little bit of R&R too. (checking out the soup) ~Jeff
  17. In addition to what Crane says, it appears that if you use # as a prefix for an actual tag (e.g. #hotel), a search for 'hotel' will turn up notes any that are tagged with '#hotel' as well as any notes that contain 'hotel'. However, a tag search for '#hotel' (tag:#hotel) will only turn up the notes tagged with '#hotel'. Sounds like just using a real tag with a funny prefix might suit your needs: you won't need to explicitly add an an artificial keyword at the end of your note (though you do need to explicitly add the tag), and you won't have anything highlighted. This also keeps the new special tags in the tags system, so you get typehead on tag dropdowns, which I find to be very useful. ~Jeff
  18. I gave up on worrying about that awhile ago. Concrete suggestions and bug reports are about as helpful as it gets, lots better than being vague. ~Jeff
  19. One way that you can help the manual out is by letting them know exactly what questions that you have that are not answered. That's the only way that they'd know what is missing. The idea of the manual being delivered in note form (or more probably via a shared notebook, as that's the only mechanism that's available for sharing Evernote content that I know of) is interesting, but probably opens a can of worms. Your manual needs to be in sync with releases, and not everyone is using the same release (or even client) so how do you/Evernote manage that? The answer might currently be beyond the capacities of the architecture, at least for now. But yeah, interesting. ~Jeff
  20. Please quantify "significant delay". Minutes? Hours? Days? As TheGurkha says, the indexing and OCR are done by the Evernote servers, not on your local client. ~Jeff
  21. Yep, it's interesting. Evernote is, in is essence, notes, tags and notebooks. Tags live in one notebook at a time, but can have multiple tags. Tags cut across all notebooks, but notebooks are the things that are shared. Needs a third concept, maybe. Authorizations, perhaps, so you could assign different capabilities to different users (read only, edit, etc.)? I've never shared a notebook before, so I don't know what it entails. ~Jeff
  22. It's a lot like Outlook (and probably many other programs) in this respect. No manual ordering. ~Jeff
  23. Interesting use case. Means that the tag 'albert' would somehow need to be associated with your co-worker Albert. Kind of a change to the notion of tags, which as near as I can tell, are not associated with anything, but just stand alone (I know there's a word for this, but it's late in the afternoon and my head's been stuck in some code all day, sooo...). ~Jeff
  24. Ugh, just sounds like a tangle, conceptually, and probably would engender a lot of confusion in the users, and is probably not high on the list of most-wanted feature anyways. Notebooks are more atomic and conceptually cleaner n this context. ~Jeff
  25. My currently most-used tag, by far, is '@Todo'. The '@' prefix floats it to the top of the Tag window tree, so it's easy to find, and applying it is easy also, with tag name typeahead: it's the only one beginning with '@'. It has no tag children. It gets attached to things that I am working on now (current weekly work log, journals for current non-trivial development tasks) plus web articles that I notice but don't have time to read (sometimes the URL, sometimes a full clipping). @Todo items are almost always tagged with other tags which represent their natural tags in my system; the @Todo tag is transient. The list of notes that have the @Todo tag are cleaned pretty regularly; it's not a long list. Weekly work logs are retired and replaced with one for the new week; development tasks are retired as they are finished; web articles are either read or retired, and may be deleted if they're not as important/interesting as I thought. I think that the only drawback to using the '@' prefix is that it bumps into the recent email title usage (denotes a notebook reference, I think). But I don't use email with Evernote at present, so I think I'm safe. Even so, tag renaming is pretty easy, probably to use a different non-alphanumeric prefix character. ~Jeff
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