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  1. I would guess that the answer is no, at least for the short term. Evernote is primarily a cross-platform note capture and storage mechanism, with facilities for note taking. It's not meant to be a replacement for dedicated to-do lists, project planners or mind-mappers. ~Jeff
  2. This a common request. It's not clear that this will be implemented any time soon, although the Evernote folks have said that it's of interest to them. Please use the forum search (topis: subfolder, nested, hierarchical, etc.) to find other discussions on this topic; there are many. ~Jeff
  3. Ah, now I get it. Well, hope that you had a grand birthday. ~Jeff
  4. Granted. Huh. Exactly where did I say that?. Did you not read what I said correctly? Just to refresh: The principal clause of this sentence is pretty much identical to what you said.; the parenthetical portion hints at an option that points at a possible solution that could cater to the growing population of Windows users who also use Mac, emphasis on the "maybe". I don't think I'd put myself into the position of claiming that such-and-such a UI strategy was "just wrong", unless it were actively user-hostile. In point of fact, since you didn't ask, I would advocate having all Evernote operations be available via user-configurable keystrokes, with sensible defaults for the most common ones. By the way, if you're laboring under the misapprehension that I am an Evernote employee, or have any power to kill any ideas, double-plus ungood or otherwise, I am not, and I don't. ~Jeff
  5. Wish I could, but we won't be coming out until October 20th. Until then, I'm 3500 miles away. When we're in San Francisco, I think we'll be right nearby, though (I am not the maker of travel plans in my household). ~Jeff
  6. Just read about the upcoming Evernote Scansnap Cartoon Art Meetup (on my birthday, no less). I'll be out in the California -- including San Francisco -- towards the end of October, too late to attend. I visited the Museum somewhere in the mid-90s, I think. ~Jeff
  7. If you're up to date, and you're not seeing it fixed, well then, no. ~Jeff
  8. This is a user forum. You can get technical help, make feature requests or engage in Evernote-related tomfoolery here. (we try to keep the latter to a minimum) ~Jeff
  9. Once again, the request for highlighting seems reasonable, and somewhere back aways, I think, the Evernote folks indicated that it's on their list. You can work around true highlighting (which I take to be a background color change) by modifying the text foreground color. So I believe that this thread is done for all useful purposes. ~Jeff
  10. Nope. No way to do this. Just posting here is sufficient to raise it as a feature request; the Evernote folks read all posts. ~Jeff
  11. You can organize them using the provided hierarchy. Works pretty well on the desktop clients, or at least the Windows client, which is what I use. Tags are not folders, and it's really not very useful to think of them as such. Evernote has tags, and it has notebooks. Tags are pretty much labels (you can have more than one per note). Notebooks are more like folders, in that they contain notes, but unlike computer folders, they don't nest. viewtopic.php?f=30&t=15071&p=61183#p61183 ~Jeff
  12. I remember noticing this too. I swear I posted about it, but can't seem to find the thread. Don't worry about being a picky free user; from everything I've heard, Evernote loves the free users too. ~Jeff
  13. This just may be for consistency with the Windows client, which uses Ctrl + Shift + V for 'paste without formatting'. If there's a standard for the Mac, that probably should be supported (but maybe retain the current one as well, for those folks who use both Mac and Windows). ~Jeff
  14. I think it would have to trigger world peace and cure cancer for that to happen ... (I kid! I kid!) And only if the world peace had a beautiful UI. (ditto! diddto!) ~Jeff
  15. Visual cues like underlining the invalid field, or showing it in red are often helpful. But the usual tricky bit is what to do if the user attempts to leave the control when the date is invalid. Assuming that you cannot have the date be in an invalid state, do you: * allow the user to leave, and restore the original date (or leave it empty if there was none)? * allow the user to leave, and restore the last valid date (or leave it empty if there was none)? * force the user to stay in the control until they make the date valid? * throw up a dialog that tells the user about the error, and makes them respond? * Something else? Granted, some of the above are user-hostile. Personally, I usually dislike UI work, at least the design end of things, because it's filled with annoying choices like this. ~Jeff
  16. On the Windows client -- and I suspect in the Mac client as well -- the data control validates according to what exists in the other fields, and also always tries to keep the date in the fields a valid one. 31.09.2010 is not a valid date, so it sets it to something valid (using the '3' you've already entered). My date format is MM.DD.YYYY, so that allows a near-perfect choice of DD when I enter from left-to-right, since I've already entered the MM (it's still not perfect, though: try to enter 2-29 when the year is set to 2010. You can't, but change the year to 2008, and 2/29 is allowed because 2008 is a leap year). Unfortunately, you are entering DD first, so you are subject to whatever MM and YYYY are already in the control, so left-to-right doesn't work as well in this case. There are a couple of potential fixes that I can think of: Evernote could accept whatever you type and relax the validation until you try to leave the control, or give a visual indication that the date as it's entered is invalid, or just clear out the right-most fields and only validate when all date fields are filled. In any case, you want some sort of visual indication when the date's fields are invalid. Still, this is all a bit subtle, and it's easily worked around, and I'm guessing that a fix would be tricky. ~Jeff
  17. Was it Aristotle who said: Give me a lever long enough, and a place to stand, and I can ***** up your code, too. ~Jeff
  18. You did it using the web client? How did that work? I usually use the Windows client for most of my work, so I am not as familiar with the web client. ~Jeff
  19. Oh, I see. On the web, I don't know if there is a way to add the source URL to a note, at least I couldn't. I tried dragging a link onto the note, and the Note Attributes label, and other places. No dice. Sorry. ~Jeff
  20. In order to add a link in the web client, edit the note, and select some text. On the toolbar you should see two icons go enabled, one (looks like a chain) is Create Link, and the other is Unlink. Click the Create Link tool, and a popup will appear that allows you to type of paste in a URL. ~Jeff
  21. As a temporary workaround, you should be able to wrap your HTML in double quotes; at least it was preserved after sync'ing when I tried your selection. ~Jeff
  22. If the version numbers are different every time, then it's likely that it is being updated. It would be silly to update the version numbers without updating the app. ~Jeff
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