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  1. I wouldn't bet against subnotebooks being implemented some day, but they just aren't in the current Evernote incarnation, and won't be for the foreseeable future.. Back to the original poster. Exporting them so that they're saved is not a bad idea, but not so hot if you want to reference them again. Why not try merging a semester's worth of notebooks into a single notebook by retagging the individual classes; that way the notes for a single class can be distinguished, you'll stop using so many notebooks. I.e., If you have a "Math-101" notebook, a "PolySci-323" notebook, or whatever, tag the notes in each of these with the notebook name, and then move them all into a "MyCollegeFall2009" notebook, or whatever naming scheme you come up with. Note: you can only tag notes, not notebooks, but you should be able to tag all the notes in a notebook pretty easily, I think, at least you can with the Windows client. ~Jeff
  2. Oh, it's a reasonable request. And I think that Dave E. has indicated that printing needs some work. Probably a fair option to add when printing multiple notes is whether they should be output as continuous or not. ~Jeff
  3. I'm not sure that dragging a note in the note list list in order to change its due date to some bounded but otherwise indeterminate value -- but only when the list is sorted by due date -- is a great UI choice. Hard to discover, easy to misuse, and inconsistent with any similar operations on other fields, and maybe handy only to a small segment of users is how I view it. ~Jeff
  4. In my opinion, Evernote functions best as a storage mechanism for notes and other information, which is its primary intention. It's not not so great at being a vehicle for presentation. So you can consider the behavior a bug if you want, but unless they actually designed it to work in the way that you wish it would (and documented it as such), it's really not a bug. In fact, concatenating notes during printout might also be a desired effect. ~Jeff
  5. Also -- at least for the Windows client -- you can put it into List view, and sort on the Tags column. Tagless entries will float to the beginning or end of the list, depending on which way the sort is going. ~Jeff
  6. I imagine that admin role type stuff would go into the 'things-to-do-when-we-get-all-enterprisey-but-not-just-yet-thanks-for-the-suggestion' bucket. ~Jeff
  7. They actually do read new posts. I know for a fact that at least one Evernote staffer uses the 'search for active topics' feature of the forum to follow what's been posted since the last time they read it. Reading is one thing, and responding to a '+1', 'me too', etc. posts is another matter. The implication that Evernote doesn't listen to their customers is just plain silly. I did answer specifically your question. They do read new posts to old threads. That you got a response to a new topic is great; note by the way that wasn't a definitive 'no', just a "it's not in our current plans' to do so", meaning it's probably on a list, but prioritized fairly well down. *shrug* It's how software development works -- you only have so many resources to do all the things that you want to do. So not much hope for anything in the short term, sorry to say, unless it's a 3rd-party who does it. ~Jeff
  8. What client are you using? Windows? Mac? Android? Altair? ~Jeff
  9. Morning meetings must be over. The Postmaster General is in da house! ~Jeff
  10. Please see your previous post. There's no need to repeat requests. ~Jeff
  11. If you read the forums at all, you would know that Evernote staff do read everything posted, though they don't always reply. You do not need to start a new thread. ~Jeff
  12. On the Windows client, Hide Unassigned Tags will work with multi-selected notes in a list (including all notes in a notebook). I don't know whether this works on the Mac client. ~Jeff
  13. and please make sure it's pudding and not flavored yogurt... ~Jeff
  14. There may just be a difference between managing contract-driven development (guessing that this is what you were involved with) and managing the expectations of millions of (mainly) individual customers via frequent updates in a pretty competitive arena while juggling rapid growth over multiple disparate platforms, or it may just be a style thing on the part of Evernote management. It's just the way they do things there, and it may not fit what you're comfortable with, judging by your feeling of resignation and disappointment. ~Jeff
  15. Rule #2 (after "Evernote staff reads every post" is "Evernote rarely gives out release timeframes or progress reports". Dave will probably appear to verify this, but if you do a search for "jerk", you'll find a number of posts where he states this in the forums. ~Jeff
  16. Amen to that -- we have a sort of split corporate personality, consumer vs. professional, and it's a real balancing act to service both. Developers can flow from hot project to hot project (little customer visibility), but the sale & support staff have to stay pretty much constant, and all the while we have to be vigilant about not cannibalizing sales in one or the other group. Jeff
  17. It can take awhile if you're used to other systems. I think there there are other folks around who have implemented fairly rigorous methodologies in Evernote; you could try searching for 'GTD' to find their descriptions. It's not exactly what you want, but might give you some ideas. ~Jeff
  18. Hey, that's awesome, Dave. Anyone who says that Evernote doesn't listen, well, just isn't listening. We have a user in our company forums who has close to 10,000 posts (yes, he's retired), but nobody on our staff is anywhere near. Congratulations, and thanks. ~Jeff
  19. I think that you need to narrow down your questions a little bit. What do you mean by competitive? What other cloud-based services are you comparing against? Have you tried Evernote yet? ~Jeff
  20. "Her' way. Yes, that's just exactly right, and best for all concerned. All posts are read by Evernote staff, and sometimes they respond. Off-topic posts may get moved to the appropriate forum, too. ~Jeff
  21. Ha, I read that story this weekend, too. Evidently nothing's safe with people in the loop. ~Jeff
  22. It's not clear that Evernote will be (or should be) a task manager. That doesn't seem to be its main purpose at this time, that's for sure. I think that adding todo items is a nice feature, but they're not particularly well-supported on all platforms, and lists of to-do items are sure a long way from being to-do lists. That plus the fact that due dates aren't implemented yet leads me to believe that full -on task list management is a ways off, if it ever will appear in Evernote. That being said, you may be able do something close to what you want by using notes to track individual tasks, and using tags to organize them, modulo due date support, that is. Oh, and please note that I am not an Evernote employee, nor do I have any special insider information about their plans. This is just my own speculation. ~Jeff
  23. This is a user forum, and it's open, so pretty much anyone who wishes to comment can do so. If you need support, then you should file a support request. By the way, BurgersNFries is not a guy, though she is very knowledgeable and helpful. Also, you should be aware that humor may not come across very well in forum posts -- I can't say that I caught it either. ~Jeff
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