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  1. My guess is that the answer shouldn't be too surprising: the resources to do a Linux app, vs. the potential market share gain. It should be no secret that Evernote in its heart would like to support every platform that there is, including Morse code and that CP/M machine you have mouldering down in the basement behind that old Nordic Trak machine, but they do have limits on their resources. Potential market share is limited so my feeling is that Linux is a bit down the list. Besides, with a published API, and that can-do Linux spirit, maybe a third-party developer might want to take up the cause... ~Jeff
  2. I'd like to raise the stakes on this one. I didn't use Evernote in the good old days of wine, roses and autotagging (i.e. I don't know exactly how autotagging worked), but I do use GMail, and one of its best features is its ability to set up filtering rules based on various email criteria (I do this in Outlook a lot as well). I want to be able to easily and automatically categorize my notes as I gleefully fling them into the gaping maw of the that omnivorous, information sucking (hoovering for our British cousins) beast that Evernote is at heart. Let me control what notebook to route my note to, what tags to apply, and whatever other metadata to be set, based on note content, title content, note source, my location or whatever else makes sense. We should be able to apply this as notes come in to the system, or an an ad hoc basis, to make mass note management tasks easier. Maybe this is n not needed now, but in the future, when note volumes for folks like BurgersNFries or jbenson start to exceed the 100s of thousands, this might come in handy. I promise not to say 'I told you so'. ~Jeff
  3. Per Dave Engberg: "We don't yet have options to configure the format for notes printed from Evernote, but this is on our list of planned improvements." In general, Evernote does not give out release dates for features. They're currently working on a new version of the Mac desktop; it's in Alpha currently: http://forum.evernote.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=38&t=19967. I didn't see anything about printing options there, butthat doesn't mean that they won't be included in the Mac 2 release. ~Jeff
  4. I think you're looking for this: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/8381/. ~Jeff
  5. Are you replying to anyone in particular here? It's hard to tell, because you didn't specify, especially when you used the pronoun 'you'. If you're referring to my posting of an article that's related to the topic of what to put in and what to leave out of applications, it's not really an argument for or against this particular feature, and neither was my posting of the article. I found it interesting in the context, that's all. If you don't find it to be topical, then it's ok to ignore it; if it's a springboard for discussion, here or in another thread, then that's fine too. ~Jeff
  6. A somewhat apropos (and interesting, at least to me) article on the topic of determining the right set of features for an application: Rands in Repose: The Art of Not. In the spectrum ranging from Ronco-style do-it-all apps (it's a toaster! it's a vacuum cleaner! it's a it's a large particle collider! See also Tom Waits' 'Step Right Up') to extremely simple does-one-thing-but-does-it-well apps (e.g. iPhone Cowbell app? Pet Rocks?), where do you draw the line? ~Jeff
  7. Nope. The only workaround that I can think of is to copy a piece of text with the formatting that you want (one character should do it), and paste it in to the place that you want to use the formatting, then type what you want. Then go back and delete the piece that you pasted. For example: Here's my starting point: "Here is my text with fancy styling. I want the same fancy styling " Pick up the 'f', and paste it at the end of the second sentence: "Here is my text with fancy styling. I want the same fancy styling f" Type the rest of your text: "Here is my text with fancy styling. I want the same fancy styling fhere." Delete the pasted bit: "Here is my text with fancy styling. I want the same fancy styling here." But there's no way to apply a formatting style to an existing piece of text that I know of. Not up to me. It'd be a nice touch, though. ~Jeff
  8. Suggestions: * If the 100 notebook is really a problem, you could use two notebooks: 'Active Projects' and 'Inactive Projects'. Create your project notes in 'Active projects', and then the project is closed, move those notes to 'Inactive Projects' * Identify notes for a particular project by adding a tag with the project's name, and tag the project notes with it. * For tasks, tag is with, say 'Task', and to assign to someone, tag the task with the assignee's name. There's no problem with making comments on the item; it's just a note. * Want to track status? Add a new set of tags for status, e.g. 'StatusPending', 'StatusComplete', whatever your system uses. Tag tasks as appropriate. To find all notes in your project, including tasks, use search: 'tag:MyProject' To find all of the tasks in your project, use: 'tag:MyProject tag:Task' To find all of Robin's tasks, use: 'tag:MyProject tag:Task tag:Robin' To find all of Robin's pending tasks, use: 'tag:MyProject tag:Task tag:Robin tag:statusPending' and so on... ~Jeff
  9. I've been trying to figure a way to tie .esex, Dave's holiday card list & now cumin into a single post. But I've got nothing. Addng a little spice to our holiday festivities, is what I'm thinking. ***rimshot*** ~Jeff
  10. Either you meant '.enex' format, or Evernote's gone into an entirely different line of business. ~Jeff
  11. Not sure which client you're referring to. I know that the Windows clients have a column for tags. You might try posting into the forum specific to your client. ~Jeff
  12. We love Aaron Sorkin in our house! West Wing, of course, but Sports Night before it, and even the doomed Studio 60. We even saw his play about Philo Farnsworth on Broadway. Oh yeah, and some movie about some computer geeks... the Social Nitwits or something... ~Jeff
  13. I don't think that that's the case. No. No. And you can have it, easily, as discussed. So use the free one, as discussed. No, I don't believe that they do. That much is true, but don't do so until you get all of the facts. Jeff
  14. You can already do this in the Windows version 4, and possibly for other clients. If you have questions that are specific to a particular client, then you should post then in the specific forum for that client. ~Jeff
  15. You can use it for free, you know. It's still quite good at that price (you can still vent here, too). The Evernote CTO already has posted in this thread: http://forum.evernote.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=30&t=16876#p67649. External editors are a reasonable approach to leveraging the user's own tools (or those that come with the operating system) to accomplish various tasks; the aim is to keep Evernote relatively simple to use. Evernote staff do read all messages; stick around and you'll see. ~Jeff
  16. I don't think that a tag count search term is supported in the grammar. ~Jeff
  17. You can still access your data for free, any time you want, using any of a number of methods. For example, using the Windows or Mac clients, you can maintain a local copy of your data. The fact that the mobile clients use a different model than the desktop clients doesn't mean that your data is not your data, and that you can't get access to it. ~Jeff
  18. I'm not sure I understand your system, but wouldn't a simple tag like "Open" that you use on open projects be of use? There are other posts in the forum related to using GTD in Evernote. Maybe those might give you some tips. ~Jeff
  19. Which client are you talking about here? Tags are present in the columns for the Windows client for sure, and the Mac client also I think. they're also present in the Web client, though you can't sort on themIf you're talking about a particular client, it's usually better to post in a forum specific to that client. ~Jeff
  20. No way, bleeding edge is teh coolz!! (like I really have anything to do with coolness)... so long as I have my 20-pixel wide window, I can tab to add tags (thanks to the typeahead dropdown!) and then to the Done key. ~Jeff
  21. No subfolders per se, at least any time soon. However, the Mac alpha has just rolled out with Notebook stacks, which serve a similar purpose. Other clients will follow. I don't know about the 100 notebook limit -- eventually it will need to be raised, I believe. You might roll on into that forum and check out some of the mac 2.0 Alpha threads. Unfortunately, at least for you, tags are a major part of Evernote's note organization facilities. If you're not fond of tags, or at least can't come to terms with using them effectively, then you'll probably spend a lot of time fighting Evernote. ~Jeff
  22. I've started seeing this -- albeit intermittently -- since I moved to Chrome 9. I haven't seen any particular pattern to it's skinny/normal width behavior though. I have gotten adept at tabbing through the fields to enter tags and click the 'Done' button, though. ~Jeff
  23. I do something similar, except that I use 'Todo' as my tag. Good tip. ~Jeff
  24. The desktop clients have simple sorting available to you, but nothing that you can really customize, short of torquing your content (e.g. Note title, or tags) to force ordering. If you're posting about a specific client ( sounds like you might be referring to a mobile client), you're probably better off posting questions like this to one of the more specific forums. ~Jeff
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